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Users are conditioned to avoid links and attachments, but the new marketing tool from Twitter will enforce risky behavior by influencing users to download apps directly from tweets.
Twitter announced that it is putting its MoPub acquisition to use by enabling Twitter marketers to promote and distribute mobile apps. There is a potential opportunity there, though, for attackers to exploit the system if users become conditioned to download apps from their Twitter feed without thinking. At face value, the move seems a good one for companies that market through the social media platform. According to a blog post from Twitter, t...
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Threat modeling is the foundation of secure software development. Microsoft just launched a new version of its free tool: Microsoft Threat Modeling Tool 2014.
Microsoft launched a new version of the Threat Modeling Tool that forms a crucial foundation for secure software development.
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Tony Bradley

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I have known Stuart McClure for over a decade now, and I consider him one of my closer friends in the information security community. I respect what he is trying to do with Cylance, but I wanted to explore the man behind the myth a little for this interview.
If you are familiar with the world of computer and network security, there is a very good chance you are familiar with Stuart McClure. At the very least, the name probably rings a bell. I have actually known Stuart for over a decade now. We were doing ask-me-anything style chat sessions [...]
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Microsoft used to hold Office hostage--dangling it like a carrot to try and attract and keep customers on the Windows platform. Now, it has a new strategy to make sure you keep using Office no matter what device or operating system you choose.
Microsoft has adopted a new strategy for its Office productivity tools. Rather than holding Office hostage on Windows devices in an effort to attract customers, it will try and make the suite the default productivity choice no matter what platform or device people are using—including Chrome OS and Chromebooks. When Microsoft rolled out new and improved Office Online apps this week, it also published them in Google’s Chrome Web Store. The Office a...
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Tony Bradley

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Disqus and ShareThis--two very popular apps for sharing content online--are both still vulnerable to Heartbleed according to Netskope.
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Choose your poison: iOS or Android? Small, medium, or large?

The first pic is an iPad Air on top of the 12.2-inch Samsung Galaxy Note Pro so you can see how much larger it really is.
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I like the best of both worlds. I have my iPad as my tablet and my note 2 as my phone. Until the next two hours when ill have my Xperia z2.
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HEARTBLEED! Run for your lives!!

For over a week now the information security world and media outlets have focused on the Heartbleed vulnerability in OpenSSL. It is a serious issue, but some of the stories are more hysteria than helpful.
Heartbleed has dominated tech headlines for a week now. News outlets, citizen bloggers, and even late-night TV hosts have jumped on the story, each amping up the alarm a little more than the last one. But while it’s true Heartbleed is a critical flaw with widespread implications, several security experts we’ve spoken with believe the sky-is-falling tone of the reporting is a bit melodramatic. “While this is technically a ‘big deal,’ the exposur...
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Good News: Windows XP use has declined dramatically in recent months.

Bad News: Hundreds of millions of users continuing to use Windows XP--putting themselves and the rest of the Internet at greater risk.
Many users finally migrated off of Windows XP in the weeks leading up to the expiration of support, but millions of XP systems are still in use by businesses and consumers.
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Hopefully my atm will suddenly spit out a bunch of cash at me.
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Microsoft partnered with Chef and Puppet Labs to bring DevOps tools and capabilities into the Azure cloud platform.
Microsoft announced partnerships with Chef and Puppet Labs—integrating two leading DevOps tools into the Azure cloud platform.
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The Web servers aren't the only things potentially vulnerable to Heartbleed. If your Web browser or Internet-connected devices rely on OpenSSL, they might be vulnerable to Reverse Heartbleed.
The Internet has been abuzz for the last week or so in response to the Heartbleed vulnerability in OpenSSL. While almost all of the attention has centered on patching Web servers and advising users to change their passwords, security researchers have discovered that individual client PCs and devices are also at risk thanks to "Reverse Heartbleed." Meldium, a cloud identity and access management service, shared details of the Reverse Heartbleed ...
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