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Adopt, Adapt, Improve
Adopt, Adapt, Improve

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My new layout for my main site - what do you think - comments welcome!

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If this is true for you - bury the ego.
Taking this advice on board will be the key to your growth and development
Being the smartest person in the room only helps the ego but not your growth.

Are you the smartest person in the room?

Like the post if you are NOT the smartest person in the room because you have positioned yourself (and business) to grow.

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What a programme 
See you there?

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10 tips to conqueror Anxiety forever?
Yes!   Once you've mastered them they will become second nature and you’ll wonder why you were ever so anxious in the first place. You’ll be able to socialise without fear, speak up for yourself, enjoy your own company, smile and laugh more often.

You’ll sleep peacefully and wake up looking forward to the day ahead. You will have gained more self confidence and peace of mind.

You have the power to transform your situation. Use all your determination to change and practice what you learn here and life really can and will improve for you. I can truly make that promise because these methods have worked for hundreds of other anxiety sufferers, just like you.

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Is achieving your goal, ambition, target or objective a matter of luck, privilege, slog or plain serendipity? No!

Does your success depend on who you know, your genetics or your schooling? No!

Is there really a science to achieving peak performance? Yes!

HR and training organisations worldwide are waking up to opportunity opened up by new discoveries made possible by the advent of high speed MRI scanners.  For the first time in history we understand enough about the working of the mind and body to take control of our emotions and literally 'change our mind to change our future'.

Up to date scientific studies  give the the opportunity to excel as never before and you don't need a degree to take command of your future, just an understanding of whats going on and how you can change the things which are not.

This article explains how this groundbreaking information can change the fortunes of individuals, teams, businesses and organisations


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Pilates - the new me!

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What the F is a limp mode? - You have one I have one and they get in the way!

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Now this you will enjoy - Brilliant Nicolas PB
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