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There's no such thing as "a brief description of me". Sorry.
There's no such thing as "a brief description of me". Sorry.

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An explanation of the tactics used by Russian authorities against Jehovah's Witnesses (hint: it involve a bit of illegal activity)

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EDIT: PREVIOUS TRANSLATION ERROR = liquidated, not executed

If Russia's Ministry of Justice has its way, the property of Jehovah's Witnesses will be confiscated, 396 of the countries would be LIQUIDATED, and the 175,000 members of the faith across Russia could face up to TEN YEARS IN PRISON!!!

There is no real democracy in Russia. There is some freedom, but only if you fit within their ideology. Russia is run by the KGB. I'm sorry, FSB. I'm sorry, Vladimir Putin. Semantics, really. Putin was the head of the USSR's KGB, one of the world's most ruthless, brutal, and inhumane intelligence agencies. He cares nothing of human rights or freedom of religion and expression.

Putin's religious faith is the ultra-conservative Russian Orthodox Church, that has made no secret of their absolute vitriolic hatred of Jehovah's Witnesses, among other non-traditional faiths. Their supporters have "framed mischief by law" in getting certain JW publications classified as "extremist", including the 2013 edition of the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures, published by Jehovah's Witnesses. Private citizens and police have even brought copies of the banned literature into their centers of worship (called Kingdom Halls) and planted it so as to accuse them of possessing the banned literature. (Go look it up. There's video surveillance of them planting literature!)

There's no question that Putin's Orthodox Russia has no more love for Jehovah's Witnesses than did Hitler's Nazi Germany.

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An absolutely fascinating read!

TL;DR Greenland's Viking communities died off, not because of their fabled bravado or stubbornness, but because of globalism, environmental catastrophe, and the effects of the Black Plague on Europe. 

Can one of the administrators here PLEASE do something about the off-topic race-baiting troll???

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Looks like Google Street View lost a court battle...

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With so many human religious institutions meddling in politics, can any formal form or worship be trustworthy?

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An all-around decent guy I went to high school with, +Brian Hickey, was the victim of a hit-and-run, and spent time in a coma, followed by months of rehab. A journalist by trade, he tracks hit-and-runs across the country on his personal blog, in hopes that someone, somewhere, will be able to catch the drivers and bring closure to those they hurt.

His latest article is a local Philly tragedy, but the mother of the 8-year-old victim is determined to ensure her daughter's memory is kept alive and used to catch offenders before they can cover their tracks.

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