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I think Scott and others with him are completely right.

We have grown so used to the platform we use that we fail to see that it needs maintenance and governance to stay current. I guess most people see software as a commodity that doesn't degrade naturally over time like a cultured field - after all, there are nothing to overuse and nothing that can rot.

One problem is that the environment changes in the form of operating system, hardware and external devices - every change here can require changes in the platform. Not necessarily because the platform does not work anymore, but because the platform is not optimal in the new environment. Examples can be a new look-n-feel for an operating system and new gestures for pointers and displays. 

Another source of change is the competition with other similar platforms - the requirements and expectations we have to the platform as users when we see changes in other similar platforms. If platform A can do this, why can my platform not do it?

Eclipse 4 does not bring anything interesting to the table for the average company that "just" use the platform! For the developers of the platform, the changes in Eclipse 4 might well be essential for the possible changes in the future, but there are very few new features that will be essential to anybody else. If anything, the new API and the new split personality of Eclipse, might well mean some managers will want to wait until everything is working again and the new stuff have proved itself.

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This is so very true. We have all seen it, and I guess some of us have even walked out of a presentation even when we know that is going to make it even more difficult for the presenter. But why should I stay if there is another interesting talk in the room next door?

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This is sooo true... It is extremely difficult to make a good presentation that will both appeal to the live audience and be useful later without narrative side.

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Do you love to travel? Do you think you have "seen" the world? Then this is for you. Here you have to find a spot in the world just based on the Streets view for that spot. Sometimes easy, often difficult, but always interesting!

Skal vi have et specielt emne til de kommercielle tiltag, såsom kurser og lign? Jeg har pt lavet et "Commercial" emne, men er det en god ide?
Bent, hvad siger du?

Skal vi bruge skype eller hangout til møder?

Hvad skal flyttes til dette nye site?

Et gå-hjem møde om DSL i Eclipse (3t)...

Baseret på det materiale Jan allerede har om emnet.

Hvis der skal være mad/snacks til, så skal det vel koste 50 kr?

Et gå-hjem møde om modeling i Eclipse - EMF, GMF, XText... (3t)...

Primært baseret på noget af mit materiale fra ITU.

Hvis der skal være mad/snacks til, så skal det vel koste 50 kr?

Et gå-hjem møde om Tycho (3t)...

Primært baseret på det materiale der også bruges til EclipseCon.

Hvis der skal være mad/snacks til, så skal det vel koste 50 kr?
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