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Toni Northern
Writer, Idealist, Fighter, Dreamer and Everything in Between
Writer, Idealist, Fighter, Dreamer and Everything in Between

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Go Politics: War on Terrorism 2017
It is evident we have a horrible president and administration. They sent missles over into a country thinking terrorism and terror can be bombed and afterwards it will all end or these individuals will yield.  Terrorism comes from a deep-rooted shared indiv...

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Go Green: Age of Environmental Actvism
Today administrations that were created to protect the environment and improve the way we use energy are being dismantled. This is a major blow to ending dependence on non-renewable energy. It is also stupid because of the harm this will continue to cause o...

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Go Business: And Now...This In The Business Checklist Number THREE; Go Live Chat!!!
Welcome Again Businesses Small and Large.... Brick and mortar closings are on the rise. Brick and mortars are dying a slow steady death in the states. Meanwhile, Amazon is still on the rise, and rises like a phoenix, never to die, but to rise everlasting. A...

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Go Politics: That Government Control
Came upon a documentary trailer reflecting the importance of programs that are pro-gun to protect our rights from the government, and  I couldn't even get through that trailer. The NRA and the people that support them are so terribly backwards. They have al...

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Go Politics: The 25TH
The Trump administration is the worse administration in history.  They have created more hatred worldwide for their administration than any President in history. They are a walking dystopian delusional group of people with no concept of reality or consequen...

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Go Business: And Now...This In The Business Checklist Moment Number TWO
Welcome Back Businesses Small and Large.... We have come together again to recognize the simple matter of functionality for success. Let us go deep into our processes and weed out the issues and problems that stand in the way of our business production.... ...

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Go Politics: Today, We The People, Still Have Each Other
After this January 20th 2017, Trump was sworn in as our president in the United States. And we, the people, lost a government that was and is trying to work for the people.  It is in donating and supporting each other in various ways that things get taken c...

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Go 2017: The Road Ahead
It's 2017 2016 was the most troublesome year. It will be set down in history as the worse year.  To start everything off, my resolution is no more cursing in my blogs. Resolutions are just that easy. It's your will to stop something. Strong will isn't all y...

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Go Social: Sexism
Sexism as you know is discrimination based on gender and is typically upon women. Women are too often looked upon by many as inferior to men. Most women in history and today are treated as the property of a man when they are in relationships. No one can say...

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Go Social: Black Lives Matter
That black people or people of color have to say this, march for this, fucking care to say or reemphasize this in any way is not only a shame, but it continues the hypocritical bullshit denial of systematic oppression upon people of color. People are litera...
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