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I washed my phone yesterday. After a night wrapped in a wash cloth and stuck in a tupperware of kitty litter, I get a slight blink when plugging it in, but nothing else. I have it out in the sun now. Anyone else have ideas of what to try? 

Create RSS Feeds for Google+ Profiles [RSS]
Create RSS Feeds for Google+ Profiles [RSS] -

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This is one seriously creepy guy!!!
A crazy, crazy story of a madman creating sexual cyberharassment. That it was a family's next-door-neighbor seems like the basis for a horror film.

Anyone else having market issues? I'm fine on the phone, where I'm running the latest apk, but on my galaxy tab 10.1, all the sudden it started force closing the My Apps every time, so I couldn't install or update anything. Fortunately, installing the new market apk seems to at least have me back up and running, even if I do now have two markets showing up. Is anyone else experiencing problems? Is Google doing something to the old apk that it won't register anymore?

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Amazon Tablet, Release Set for October With Updated Kindle

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Great news! I'm proud to announce Google+ Profiles is launching a new privacy enhancement in response to user feedback. Starting later this week, you will be able to set the privacy setting of your gender on your Google+ Profile just as you control other information about yourself. :-)

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I find this both disturbing and amusing at the same time.

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Current state of the tech world.

EA Snags Bejeweled Creator PopCap in $750M Deal
EA Snags Bejeweled Creator PopCap in $750M Deal -
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