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Trans Finlandia
Pyöräilyurani alkoi 'vakavammin' vuonna 1997 maantiepyöräilystä kun liityin turkulaiseen Pyörä-68 seuraan. Innoittajana vaikutti aika pitkälti ammattilaispyöräilyn seuraaminen Eurosportilta vuodesta 1993 alkaen, jolloin Tour de Francea hallitsi legendaarine...

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Race Report: Fat Viking 150 2017
During the fall it looked like I would not do any race this winter. After three Rovaniemi 150 races in 2013, 2014 and 2016, Iditarod Trail Invitational in 2015, 'logical' step could have been Rovaniemi 300 but it was pretty much out of the question as it's ...

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Tour de Kurjenrahka, November 2016
Three weeks ago we had a full-blown winter with subzero temps for over a week and a bit of snow. Smaller lakes and even rivers freezed fairly quickly, so I was instantly thinking about the mires of Kurjenrahka National Park. Me, Peter and JJ had an excellen...

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Gloomy Autumn Dream 2016 - The race of truth
It's that time of the year again. The race of truth. Last year it was still the Mammoth March, but after it's glorious 10-year living, it passed away. Initially it was a shock, but very soon came the good news that it has reborn. Now it's name is Synkkä Syy...

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Paradise shore fatbiking adventure
I know, it's been WAY too long without new content. After Rovaniemi 150 race I started to hammer 45-50 hour / 6 day work weeks. I squeezed one overnighter with Peter and JJ in the end of winter (worth of another blog report) but after that it's been a long ...

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Race Report: Rovaniemi 150 2016
After my Iditarod Trail Invitational race last year it was pretty clear that I would return to Rovaniemi for a third time. In addition to 66 km and 150 km distances, last year there was a double distance 300 km for the first time. I had already decided to d...

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Winter overnighter and training
Apologies for the radio silence here in my blog. Life has been very busy and I have prioritized riding, training and family over blogging. Proper winter weather arrived here in Southern Finland finally after Christmas. Last week we got fair amount of snow s...

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Mammoth March Anguish
Over the last four years, one race has cemented itself in the calendar: Mammoth March . For those who doesn't know what this race is, here is a brief summary that I wrote back in 2013: "The Mammoth March Impossible has potential to be most challenging and d...

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Summer racing: Levi24 and Merida MTB Finlandia
As I'm writing this, it's already fall. So, before it's 'too late' here is a short recap of two races I did this summer. Levi24 Fairly soon after ITI I wanted to do something in the summer. After three Tahko MTBs in 2012 (120 km), 2013 (180 km DNF) and 2014...

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The Last Chance of the Summer
After ITI I was busy with training for Levi24 (race report still to come) and with everyday working duties. The last overnighter was with my friends to celebrate my ITI finish in late March/early April. This summer has been very rainy so there hasn't been m...
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