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Tom van Bodegraven

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This is an excellent move!
Legislation barring stores from spoiling and throwing away food is aimed at tackling epidemic of waste alongside food poverty
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Tom van Bodegraven

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I love working 24 hour FedEx Days – with lost of healthy pizza and V. Keen to do a couple of 48 hours sessions.
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Tom van Bodegraven

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"David Gelles is a business reporter for the New York Times and its business blog, DealBook, where he writes about mergers and acquisitions, capital markets and corporate governance. He is also a longtime meditator and spent six months in India studying with Zen masters, Tibetan rinpoches and Burmese monks. His book Mindful Work is about how mindfulness is boosting leadership, reducing stress and improving health in the workplace, from Apple to Goldman Sachs. It tells of a quiet revolution reshaping some corporates as some of the world's most dynamic entrepreneurs and businesspeople are starting to change how a successful business is run. A new breed of mindful managers are using meditation, yoga and other Zen techniques to focus on feeling good while making money - and using the money to do good too."
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Tom van Bodegraven

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"The Internet Is Not the Answer" by Andrew Keen . Here is a link of a very interesting radio interview:
Author Andrew Keen Founder of in 1995, executive director of the Silicon Valley salon FutureCast, a Senior Fellow at CALinnovates, and author of The Internet is Not the Answer. 30 min.

"....and creating a digital generation of masters of the universe. This new power may be rooted in a borderless network, but it still translates into massive wealth and power for a tiny handful of companies and individuals....”
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Tom van Bodegraven

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A big eye opener for us all.
California's crippling drought has prompted conservation efforts, such as replacing grass lawns and minding how long you leave the tap water running. But what about the food on your plate? Agriculture uses 80% of California's water supply, and producing what you eat can require a surprising amount of water.
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Tom van Bodegraven

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Welcome to the USA
Appeals court upholds ruling against lawsuit brought by family who claimed yoga promoted Hinduism and inhibited Christianity
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Tom van Bodegraven

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Inequality is very damaging on all fronts.
Do you live in a country that has missed out on billions of dollars in revenue?
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Tom van Bodegraven

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Interesting programme for gamers. Love the way the gamers around the world took direct action against the creators of Eve Online.
Simon Parkin enters the real and the virtual world of Eve Online, a computer game with half a million paid subscribers that's become one of Iceland's biggest exports.
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Tom van Bodegraven

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A big eye opener. What is the gigantic meat industry doing with our scarce water recourses. Why do we know so little, and seem paralysed to act. This affects us all - no mater where we live.
One group not facing restrictions is big agriculture, which uses about 80 percent of California's water.
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Tom van Bodegraven

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Things are not well in Australia. Quite sickening and very sad indeed. A sad and utterly confused group of people.
Former One Nation leader Pauline Hanson tells crowd “Criticism is not racism”, as nationwide protests and counter-protests trigger scuffles and police intervention
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Tom van Bodegraven

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Indian firm Adani has appealed to the native title tribunal to bypass the traditional owners’ rejection of the Queensland mine
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Usability UCD work: interaction design, user experience, usability, ux, product design, web design, flows, personas, user based research, usability testing, writing for the Web.
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Wellington, New Zealand
Christchurch, New Zealand - Utrecht, Holland - Melbourne, Australia - Bonn, Germany - Masterton, New Zealand - Manheim, Germany
Contributor to
“Inadequate use of usability engineering methods in software development projects have been estimated to cost the US economy about $30 billion per year in lost productivity.” - Jakob Nielsen
Professionally: I am passionate about Usability, UX and User Centred Design.

Privately: I love playing the game of Go (Baduk) as a lowly kyu player. I play in online tournaments at I plan to become a single digit kyu player. 
I am extremely interested in sustainable living including passive housing (dwellings) and transportation.

Politically: I am a great admirer of Noam Chomsky.

Religion: I am an "Unbeliever" - a Humanist. All Gods (and there are many) are imaginary and created by us humans. "Creationism" and "Intelligent Design" are simple delusions. 
Bragging rights
I am actively reducing my carbon footprint. One of the things I have done is commute 44 km per day on an electric assisted bicycle. I am interested in reducing the cost of moving around within my world, especially daily commuting. We are now seeing some ultra efficient fuel injection motorbikes. Electric motor bikes are also being produced. The cost savings of using these modes of transport as an alternative to the car, on a national level would be truly fantastic. These savings in turn could be put to good use. During 2.5 years of commuting on my bike, I have covered 16798 km at a cost of $NZD 65.00 in electricity. I am now in Wellington and commuting to work by train.
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