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a very fast slow person
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APX is now in Fedora official repos!
Get it while it's hot, and much love to Raphael Groner for packaging.

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Hello googels, i wrote something!

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I can't think of a single application that wouldn't have regressions in Gnome 3

Lens flares does the same for sci-fi that cogs do for steampunk.

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Why, of course there is BLINK tag in libreoffice (format -> character -> font effects -> [x] Blinking)

And there are people using it too, of course :)

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go to poland!
We are recruiting!

We are Mirumee. A small company dedicated to building webapps. Better. We are a group of developers with a beautiful office in Wrocław, Poland. While the company is four years old (June 2009), our experience reaches back to the 1990's. We pick quality over quantity, work mostly with Python and try to opensource as much of our code as we can (Mirumee ♥ GitHub!).

And it so happens that we're looking for you. That is if you're a front-end developer with an exquisite taste for quality and are looking forward to spending five days a week with all the i̳̙̘̥̮͖͎̅n̄͊̀ṣ̖͉͐̾͘ã̳̯͇͍̖̗ͨ͊̂͛̊͋̕n̷ͣ̌̒e̳͙͙͔̖͎ͦ̍͊͢ people here in our office. Interested?

We’re looking for:
✩ señor front-end developers (and señoras!)
✩ junior front-end developers

Requirements are simple:
✓ good or very good knowledge of HTML, CSS and client-side JavaScript
✓ at least basic knowledge of the POSIX enviroment (remote Linux shell)
✓ strong will to constantly learn and improve as we go
✓ fluency in English (both written and spoken)

Kudos for experience with:
♥ responsive layouts and building for multiple form-factors
♥ jQuery
♥ Bootstrap

What we offer:
✪ cash monies somewhere in the range of 4000–6000 PLN
✪ interesting and challenging projects built for companies all around the globe
✪ fun internal projects using cutting-edge tools and technologies
✪ a desk and a chair
✪ a decent full HD monitor
✪ a coffe machine
✪ a full-size pool table

E-mail us now and schedule an interview. All resistance is futile.

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Day 7 of my space travel

Captain’s log, stardate 6.., 65.., Computer! What stardate is it today? Computer! I mean, agh whatever, i’ll just count myself… So, yesterday was… six, five, hmm… Where is my yesterday’s log, ah, yes, in the trash of course, thank you very much Jake. What do you mean “can’t open”? This is ridiculous… Recording off!. Computer, recording off! Computer!… RE-COR-DING… O-FF!… COM-PU-TER… OFF!…, agh..

I took legs off the cockpit’s panel and tapped the REC button on it. After all these many hours of eavesdropping I would have expected the voice recognition algo of the AI to have picked up my accent but no luck, i was still the only person on the ship that it refused to understand.

Click to read! :)
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