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Here's something to think about...

"Conversion rate optimization", a phrase we throw around like "social media marketing" back in 2009, is nothing more than interactive storytelling. 

It's about getting people to turn the page and take the next step, so to speak. 

I think it's important to look at it this way, because from any other context, we remove that thoughtfulness from the process. 

Sure, so changing "Your" to "My" on the button gets more clicks, but can that more personal vibe, the "reflection" of your visitor, be worked into more of the page? 

How can you use those small findings and extrapolate out different things about the people who are visiting your site? 

How can that work before & after the click to make the story better? 

When I look for inspiration for conversion optimization, I often look to the industries where the "call to action" happens weeks or months after the initial "prompt" has taken place....

...Like a movie theater. 

Here you are, sitting in the dark & the trailer for the next exciting movie plays.

That trailer has between 30 seconds and 2 minutes to get hooked on the idea of watching this movie that plays anywhere from a year to 4 months from now. 

So, how do they hook you? 

For starters, they make sure the trailer is playing in front of a categorically relevant movie. It would be useless to play a trailer for The Notebook in front of The Matrix. 

But after that, they're using color schemes, music scores & imagery that invokes other similar, familiar, movie going experiences. 

How many times have you seen the trailer about the guy with the gun going to get retribution for the thing he stole. There was a car chase, and explosion & gunfire no doubt. 

These trailers are tested & perfected through a series of surveys and "user testing" to help fine tune what will ultimately become the major generator of revenue for the box office later. 

My point is, I believe more testers should adopt this mindset. Understanding it is a story, there has been exposure elsewhere, and that everything we do is just a small part in a much bigger story for most of our customers. 

I think with that perspective, you can make some serious changes & have an impact far greater than testing small button color & copy. 
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Tommy Walker

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Make More Money With Smarter Upsells

Want to increase your revenues? Start recommending higher priced items. 

According to research by Predictive Intent (found on +Econsultancy) pure upsells generate 20x more interest & sales than the typical "recommended product" offers. 

Maybe that's why back in 2006, reported a staggering 36% of their revenue came from cross-sales and upsales? 

Or how about headphone retailer +Skullcandy being able to increase it's overall revenue by 40% partly due to implementing personalized upselling with +Adobe Marketing Cloud? 

In this article, Tommy explores everything you need to know about upselling & includes examples from +Newegg, +Shopify +Nordstrom & more. 
If you want to increase Q2 Revenues & you don't have an upselling program in place, you need to read this.
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Tommy Walker

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Think of your website as an interactive story

Are you getting people to go from point A to point B? 

This article from Marie Polli explains how visual design on a website corresponds to the AIDA marketing model & how to take advantage of it to get your visitors to take the actions you want. 
The four different media tools for communicating with your customer on the web are text, graphics, moving images and sound - that's it. Those are the only
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Tommy Walker

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Use these lesser known Google Analytics reports to find insights for conversion optimization and test hypotheses.
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Tommy Walker

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Alright +Ryan Hanley, you've got me convinced...

I'm going to give this Google+ thing a more honest effort.

I'll be honest, I don't like the idea of not being able to just link dump, but let's be real, social media should have never been like that in the first place, should it?

I'm interested to see what happens.

You say 30 minutes a day - You got it.

Question is, where should I be looking for good stuff?

Who are some cool people to follow? I want to embrace the platform, but I feel just a little lost at this party. 
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+Tommy Walker I'd be more than happy to introduce you to some people here. My business is web strategy, so my posts revolve around things like conversion optimization, email marketing, social, etc. But also general business and platform building (done with a personal twist). Lots of engagement in a somewhat targeted manner on my posts, so again, feel free to stop by and say hi, or let me know what other things are of interest to you so we can put you in touch with the right people.
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Tommy Walker

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99% of people won't buy on the first visit

Deal with it. 

Shopping cart abandonment is a part of life, but it doesn't have to kill you. 
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Short term: I'm making sure I mention it whenever I promote the affiliate. 

Long term: I'm thinking about whether or not I can keep promoting them if it upsets enough readers. 

It's reasons like this I only promote affiliates if they have a 100% money back policy and excellent support staff. At worst it's a minor inconvenience for people to get a refund. 
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+Mitch Joel has some really amazing insights for fellow writers here

If you want to get serious about content, you should print this out and put it on your wall. 

And +Mitch Joel, you should turn this into a poster. Seriously. 

Are there rules for great writing when it comes to business? I am often asked where I find the time to write. I am often asked about why I write and publish so much content. I am often asked where...
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I love it! 
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Before we get into the most readable typeface debate...

I want you to first understand, there are three things that are more important than what specific typeface you choose.

 - Size of type
 - Line Spacing
 - Age of the reader

Various research shows: 

1. ) Small font sizes & low-contrast are the #1 complaint for web users as it relates to reading online. (Nielson)

2. ) Due to the effects of aging, at 40, only half the light gets through to your retina as it did at age 20. When you’re 60, it’s only about 20%. (See: Presbyopia) also 3/4 of Americans use corrective lenses (Statistic brain)

3.) All readers – but especially low-vision readers – experienced better reading speeds & comprehension when line-spacing was set to 1.5  (Psychographics of Reading)

Now, the question is, doesn't it stand to reason if you're designing with these things in mind, you're going to have increase your conversions? 
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Hi I'm Tommy. 

I'm an Online Marketing Strategist and the host of Inside The Mind a fresh new show about Online Marketing Strategy. 

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Do you specialize in Search Engine Marketing, SEO, Customer Service, Email Marketing any other online marketing related field? 

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