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Hey Guys, I have some basic GTM questions and I thought you guys might be able to help.

I am planning to implement a ShareASale pixel via GTM

<img src="" width="1" height="1">

However, I need to replace the amount, tracking number and transaction type with macros.

My question is how do I create a macro that will dynamically insert the correct revenue, order id and type of transaction and send to ShareASale?

Please advise.

Thank you! 

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Finally back on Google+ :) First article to share after back on G+ 

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Thanks for letting me join the social media professionals community.  I hope am able to bring some my social media and seo knowledge to the table!

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Linkedin Introduced Skills Endorsement Feature

On September 24th, Linkedin blogged about the Skill Endorsement feature that they just rolled out.  This feature will allow people to endorse their connections’ skills they’ve listed on their profile or you can recommend one that they haven’t added yet.

If you’ve worked with one of your connections in the past and think that he/she is great at Search Engine Marketing, endorse their skills and let them know!

You can endorse your connections with just one click.  Here is how to endorse connections' skills on Linkedin:

•When you visit a connection’s profile, a blue box will appear at the top of their profile and you’ll see a few recommended endorsements.  You can either endorse those skills or suggest additional skills.  Then simply click the yellow “Endorse” button.

•Another way to endorse a connection’s skill is to go to their profile page and scroll down to their "Skills & Expertise" tab where they listed all their skills.  You can click on the + (plus) to endorse their skills.

Linkedin will notify you via email if someone endorsed your skills and you can accept new skills recommendations.  You can view small thumbnail images of people who have endorsed you in the "Skills & Expertise" tab on your profile.

Similar to the recommendation feature, you can always reach out to your connections and ask for endorsements.  Furthermore, you can endorse a connection and request for an endorsement as well in return.

Go now and start asking for endorsement to optimize your profile to show others your expertise!

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Looking for a Niche? Read about the simple run through of how Niche Marketing Works!

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Anyone wondering how to do Keyword Research for SEO? This guide my help!

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5 Basic Rules to Follow for Meta Tag #Optimization

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Made a Facebook Username mistake in the past, you will need to request for change.  Now Facebook allows page admins to change username ONCE!

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Social apps 'harvest smartphone contacts' My 2022 Prediction Might be Correct =]@SEOChicks#SEO
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