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Managing your Azure Subscriptions created through CSP portal
Let me start off with a disclaimer, as Microsoft may change the behavior, which would render this post obsolete. In which case I'll try to come back and make the necessary amendments.  If you have worked with managing your Azure resources through PowerShell...

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Using the On-Premise Gateway to connect to your AX2012 data to Power BI Portal
PowerBI has been around for a long time by now, so there are tons of information out there on how to connect your data sources to the powerful PowerBI Portal ( Now, getting all the moving parts to connect properly might have been difficult ...

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Using PowerShell to list the 10 most recent KBs installed in AX2012 R3
I was asked to get an overview of the most recent KBs installed on an AX2012 R3 environment. One way to do this is using PowerShell. We know each KB is deployed as a single model, and we know each model installed will have a unique ID. This ID is incremente...

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Kicking off a dedicated podcast with my friend, colleague and fellow MVP Fredrik
It is with great excitement I am happy to announce the Dynamics AX Podcast! It is a common effort with MVP Fredrik Sætre to generate another channel where all you Dynamics AX geeks, both techies and funkies (yea, functional consultants) can tap into thought...

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Stored Procedure for listing who is running AX queries on the SQL Server
I want to share a small nugget I've created for listing who is currently running queries against AX at any point in time. It builds on two prerequisites, one of which is from one of my suggested answers on the Dynamics AX Community Forum and secondly a solu...

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Reporting Server Subscription does not run on Schedule
I've setup a SSRS report that pulls data from two SQL Server databases across two different SQL Server instances. It runs under a SQL Server user and works like charm when run manually. However, when I try to setup a Subscription for this report, the report...

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Login failed error while processing OLAP cubes
I was requested to help with solving a processing error from SQL Server Analysis Services today. While processing the engine fails to retrieve data from the Dynamics AX transaction database and throws the following error: Login failed for user "DOMAIN\SERVE...

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Error during install of Microsoft Report Viewer 2012
When installing the client for AX2012 R3 CU8 or later, one of the requirements is installing Report Viewer 2012 . The prerequisite Validation step will inform you the component is missing, and it will provide the download link. However, depending on your sc...

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Fixing firstDayOfWeek and firstWeekOfYear in AX2012
I was asked to have a look at why the date picker in AX still chose Sunday while the user expected Monday. I remember fixing this back in AX2009, so I was curious to see how this was solved in AX2012. The Global class and the methods firstDayOfWeek and firs...

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Reduce SSRS deployment time for static reports in AX2012
Are you wasting minutes deploying and redeploying static SSRS reports in all the languages provided with AX2012? If you only need a handful of them, you might just as well consider disabling the licenses for the unwanted languages. You can enable them back ...
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