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Tommie Podzemski
Internet Entrepreneur, Web Developer and Podcaster
Internet Entrepreneur, Web Developer and Podcaster

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Finally! Android Emulator images will include the Google Play store, including updated Google Play Services. Thanks! #io17

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Some nice new features are brewing over in the beta-version of #InBrowser for #Android. Hopefully we'll be able to share them with you all soon! #NightMode #DuckDuckGo #InBrowser-2.38


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Yay! #AndroidO introduces​ notification snoozing. Currently 15 min, 30 min or 1 hour. But I'll take it!

If anything, the #Vault7 leak taught us that the CIA is pretty awesome when it comes to codenames. HammerDrill, FightClub, Weeping Angel, SparrowHawk etc

SHA1 shattered and #Cloudbleed. A pretty gloomy weekend ahead.

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Version of #InBrowser for #Android is live!

✓ [Improvement] TOR connectivity improved on Android 6.0+.
✓ [Improvement] Videos on Android KitKat and below while TOR is active should be a lot more compatible now.
✓ [Improvement] Suggestions has been re-worked and are quicker.
✓ [Improvement] User-agents updated to current versions.
✓ [Improvement] Icons has been updated to match guidelines + round icons on Android 7.1+ devices.
✓ [Bugfix] Minor bugfixes

Please contact us at if you have any problems with the new release!

From the Yahoo breach customer email: “may have included … hashed passwords (using MD5)”. Wait what?


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Getting bitten by #Gooligan is like buying fresh sushi from the back of a dudes truck at the beach and complain about getting stomach flu.

Don't use third party app stores or side-load random APKs.
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