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Detailed strategy guides for the Tomb Raider video game series.
Detailed strategy guides for the Tomb Raider video game series.

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Tomb Raider Suite World Tour Needs YOU!

Anyone interested in donating or receiving a ticket to Nathan McCree’s Tomb Raider Live in Concert December 18 at the Eventim Apollo in London, please contact me by email a.s.a.p. ( I will attempt to connect donors and attendees in the next few days. The goal is to provide as many free tickets as possible. The larger the audience, the greater the chance that the show will be able to continue on a WORLD TOUR.

Please SHARE this with friends and fans who might be interested in going or in helping someone else attend. I’ve also posted on Facebook and Twitter.

Check out Nathan’s video appeal and share that as well.

The number of tickets we’ll be giving away will depend on how many donors we can line up. Donors do not need to give the price of an entire ticket. If you can donate even a little, that would be great.

Recipients should also know that we cannot provide transportation, so if you’re interested in going, you’ll need to get yourself to the show. 
Please share and spread the word to make the WORLD TOUR happen.

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Had the great pleasure to chat with +Jamie Sparks recently about Tomb Raider, social media, and other fun stuff. His podcast is exclusive to his Patreon supporters for now, but will be public after a while. Follow him because he's awesome! :D
Locked and loaded. 🔫🔫

That's the Patreon timed exclusive podcast preview episode edited and ready to go live for stream/download on Sunday at 09:00 (GMT). Featuring interviews with +Stella's Tomb Raider Site​ and +Garedactyl​ 🏹💞

Head to for more information.

#tombraider #SOLIDGOLDGAMES 

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I'm in! Anybody else care to take up Sir Jamie's challenge?

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The Evolution of Tomb Raider. A wonderful trip down memory lane! And ooh-la-la, that magical McCree theme! Check it out. 

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In which Nathan and Stella determine that, however you spell it, the TR1 Colosseum far surpasses the Coliseum level in TR Anniversary. I hope you'll join us in our ramblings. :)

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If you don't already have Tomb Raider 2013 on Steam, here's a chance to win a copy from my friend +Eldin Mostic. Check out his video for details. 

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Aldwych Station is almost as creepy as I remember it being in Tomb Raider 3! Check out this cool video montage by +Ash Kaprielov who recently paid a visit to the real Aldwych. Be sure to follow the links in the video description for more Aldwych photos, game concept art, and Ash's exclusive interview with former Core Design staffer Andy Sandham, the level's creator.

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Here's the second half of TR1 St. Francis Folly from NathPlays. You know, the one where I tricked him into letting me play along. That one. Enjoy! :D

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Exploring St. Francis Folly in Tomb Raider 1 with the fabulous NathPlays! :D

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Can't get enough Lara? Check out Tomb Raider Divinations, the latest fan film from +Black Dragon. Brilliant work as always!
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