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Tomaz Mencinger
Works at Menco d.o.o.
Attended University of Electrical Engineering, Ljubljana
Lives in Slovenia


Tomaz Mencinger

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Tennis coach, mental coach
  • Menco d.o.o.
    Tennis coach, internet marketer, present
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Slovenia - Thailand
A tennis coach and internet entrepreneur on a journey of freedom.
Played volleyball for 16 years semi-professionally, won the National Championships in 2000, then focused 100% on tennis coaching which I was doing since 1996.

In 2005 started my first tennis website (with Site Build It) called Tennis Mind Game.

Moved to Thailand to teach in Tennis Academy of Asia and worked there 18 months.

I started other websites and eventually started earning enough money to quit my job and work only for myself. I now work from home on my websites, travel to Thailand often, teach tennis and help other people achieve financial freedom with the power of the Internet.
  • University of Electrical Engineering, Ljubljana
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The service at the reception and their organization is horrible. I arrived on check in at 16.30 which is two and half hours after the check-in time (14.00) and yet my room was still not ready. I still had to wait in the lobby 15 minutes. They suggested I take advantage of the free drink voucher at the bar which I did but there was no bartender for 5 minutes - so I couldn't order my drink. At the check-out there was only one lady in front of me checking in. First, nobody paid attention to me when I stood there with my bags ready to check out. There was no "Good morning, sir, we'll ready for you in a minute..." or something like that. I was not acknowledged and my time was not precious to the receptionist - her name was Karolina. There was another man working with her behing the desk and he also didn't acknowledge me or say anything. After a few minutes waiting I heard that the lady who was checking in was asking all sorts of things like - how far is it to the town, how will I get there, which bus must I take and so on. The receptionist was explaining all that, took out a map, showing some directions, checked out some things on Google while no one said anything to me, they didn't care about my time and in some way at least let me know that they are aware of the time that I am wasting there. After about 10 minutes I wawed my card and told them that I am looking to check out but Karolina just nodded without any apology for taking so much of my time. I have been in hundreds of hotels as I am a tennis coach and I travel a lot - and I know that explaining directions and all the little details is NOT a part of check-in WHEN you have other guests waiting - especially if you realize that the person asking questions will probably ask more questions and spend a lot of time there. The receptionist should have excused to the lady and asked her to wait a few minutes or come later so that she could process my check-out. But that didn't happen so after 15 minutes of waiting for Karolina to explain all the little details of travel to this lady I finally was able to start my check out. The worst thing is that once I mentioned to Karolina that I feel that my time was not precious to them, that I was not acknowledged, that no one made any attempt to try and expedite the process, she defended all the claims. She argued with me that she did notice me - but of course she didn't say anything and acknowledge me and let me know that my time is important to them too. She argued that giving detailed directions and explaining every little details to that lady IS a part of check-in. I told her that I waited 15 minutes and she argued that it was less - and so on. So there was total lack of respect for my time and total lack of respect when addressing a guest. I can also mention that at breakfast I ordered an omelette and the cook forgot about it. So I waited 15 minutes and then ordered it again - but at least the cook (female) apologized quite a few times for it and I felt ok - everyone of course makes mistakes. But of course Karolina would never acknowledge that. My recommendation - stay away from Hotel Phoenix, their staff is not trained and they don't really care about the time and well being of their guests. You're also more than 20 minutes of drive from the city center if you drive your car and more than 40 minutes if you take the bus.
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