Prussian Amazons: Part 18: 884-887: Tribal Cleanup

I defended the empire from former Byzantines, and got 1600 gold for that.

At this point, at age of 70, with councillors dying of syphilis all around me, I decided to just go all in, and use holy order (very expensive outside defensive war, but we just got a nice stash of gold) to clean up some pagans.

I got Rus to 20/24, and Ruthenia to 16/20, and I'm wondering if I should keep paying the holy order and use them for something. I don't have any expansionistic CBs and at this age tributaries are rather pointless (I still spend excess prestige on tribal buildings), but I could raid Aztecs maybe.

My vassals keep changing their mind about my heir, I'm pretty sure whoever they end up choosing will be absolutely horrible.

Francia somehow got inherited by Germanic Horse character - both his parents were French Catholics. I sent them a missionary just in case, but I doubt it will work. For now his heir is his French Catholic brother, but he's still young.

Shia caliph died, so now his enormous stack is gone - with his army now being half the size of Sunni caliph's army.

Aztecs finally lost their fleet, left with just 39 ships (for 3.9k). Their 133k troops are all stuck in Africa, and they attacked by a host (emperor's aunt) with 30k troops and boats to carry them to Ireland.

Tributary CB war on them and picking their troops in Ireland 3.9k at a time is a thing I guess. I bet they're not expecting to get attacked.

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