Prussian Amazons: Part 02: 774-791: Glitterhoof

I rechecked the mod that's supposed to make my vassals use same laws as me, and that only works for feudals, but there's no rush.

I got into really bad tributary war with Norse blob - sadly my vassals and tributaries showed zero interest in any coordinated action, so I ended up white peacing Ragnarr Lodbrok - at least I killed his brother and sister in revenge. Without any other targets, that brought peace to my realm at age of 30.

I got cancer and great pox - but experimental treatment worked, leaving me a lunatic. Which I of course used to make Glitterhoof a chancellor, but I don't remember the trick to make horses landed.

I got 4 daughters and 8 sons, so I could give up on seduction focus and go scholarship, then business.

Hordes kept splitting, so I decided to go after some small ones, even through that messes up my borders somewhat.

I got to medium tribe centralization, and that got nerfed hard - every level makes council more and more obnoxious (worst of all is title granting committee), and I won't be able to reduce council powers until I go feudal.

I could reform faith if I had enough piety, but seduction focus cost me a ton.

Culture conversion of the realm is going well, high chiefs are:

* Lithuania - Lithuanian, but with Prussian heir
* Courland - my son
* Lesser Poland / Mazovia - my son
* Vitebsk - my son
* Yatvingia - Lithuanian, but with Prussian heir
* Turov - Ilmenian Slavic
* Smolensk - my son

So just one needs fixing.


* Welsh duke got random 10k event troops, and blobbed pretty nicely. Still has most of them, so might get half of Britain before running out of steam.
* Independence revolt reduced size of Byzantium
* Damn Norse blob keeps blobbing
* Other blobs (Francia, caliphate etc.) seem stable so far

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