Arslan of Ili, Emperor of India: Part 3: 774-778: 15 goat pastures are better than 5

I double checked files, and main premise of this campaign is wrong. I thought that tribal invasion CB is based on culture not religion (except pagans can't use it against other pagans, and Christians can't use it at all). This is only half true - if you have horde_invader flag, or you're Nahuatl or Mongol - then you can use it with any non-Christian religion. Magyars and non-Mongol Altaic characters only keep it as long as they're pagan.

This is really awkward, as it makes direct Tengri to Jain transition I wanted totally unviable.

Oh and I can't go feudal by simply moving my capital to owned feudal province, that would be too easy.

I have a few options (after I establish power base in Cumania):

* reform Tengri faith - this enables holy wars, keeps invasions, allows going feudal, all pretty awesome.
* go Zoroastrian - lose invasions to gain holy wars, so it's option for day after I invade kingdom of Persia successfully. Could be fun to restore high priesthood and become Saoshyant. Also gives me access to Jewish money.
* go Buddhist / Hindu instead of Jain - at least I get holy war CBs to reach India.

I might even end up with some combination of 3. I can't think of any reason for going Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Zunist, or non-Tengri Pagan this campaign, but at this point my plan is basically going full Daenerys Targaryen, going to Westeros through Vaes Dothrak, Meereen... I mean to India through Cumania, Hungary (Tengri holy sites are spread very wide), Armenia, and Persia.

Anyway, back to the storyline. The first tribal invasion was 5/6 successful, as Tobol took one county from Kirghiz before I could.

Second tribal invasion of Pecheneg almost failed as Turkestan got 1/3 of their lands occupied, but somehow I managed to press the win button first and got it all. I even got some event troops (461) for it from building legend.

Time to burn my once-in-lifetime capital move (seriously, all of these once-in-lifetime decisions should just have 20 year timer or something...) to Balkhash, abandon ambition to improve diplomacy (not sure if bugged or just very unlucky), take ambition to become king of Cumania and go to war! Well, not much war actually, I got 1 province from Suomenusko high chiefdom of Yugra (that attrition was brutal), and subjugated chief of Tyumen. For some reason I couldn't declare war on 3-chief of Tobol, Ishim, and Kimak, so Khazaria subjugated him instead.

So now I have 9/28 counties of Cumania, 6/12 provinces of Turkestan, and pretty much zero money. I ran out of new sons (just 3), so non-dynastic vassals currently hold 3 counties, in addition to 7 held by my sons, and 5 held my me.

I really want to just go full in for subjugation of Khazaria and Itil - both at once are the only way as they're same dynasty so I'd be fighting both anyawy. I can even call double tribal army into this for 2x2500 extra troops. And I also desperately need money to fund all that as I'm basically broke and there are no Jews to politely ask for any shekels. I even captured a bunch of prisoners, but none of them had any money to pay ransom.

Waiting would make me lose my event troops (now down from 461 to 325), but I'd regain my somewhat depleted levies (unfortunately moving my capital lost me a lot of levy bonuses). I could start a silly war against someone irrelevant to keep them, but all the irrelevant chiefs go conquered by larger powers already.

Itil has 1 holy site and Khazaria has 2, but only one would be in right de jure kingdom, so I don't really have CBs for reforming Tengri faith.

Alternatively instead of bothering with reformed Tengri I could invade Khiva, and maybe go Buddhist or Zoroastrian? Zoroastrian plan sort of demands invasion of Persia since getting it one duchy at a time would be way too slow, and I'm nowhere near powerful enough to take on Arabian Empire. Of course I could go Zoroastrian without going for Saoshyant, but that feels pointless.

Invading south and becoming Buddhist is also fairly straightforward. It even has nice follow up in that I can holy war Turkestan to link my realm together.

Either way I'm going to need ridiculous (compared to what all steppe tribes put together make in taxes) amounts of money to get second duchy (~200), then kingdom of Cumania (~400), then build up my provinces so they can go feudal (~500 each). If i just do my demesne (bad idea long term, as my tribal vassals will hat me), that's 3100 for just that. Even Tengri, second best Pagans after Norse, are nowhere near how ridiculously powerful Norse can be with their boundless money and prestige from raiding Europe.

And as for dynastic politics, I'm no longer lustful. That cruel hedonist stuff was apparently too much. And I forgot to arrange betrothals for my sons before giving them land, so now it's too late and they'll find themselves some truly awful women, guaranteed.
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