Prussian Amazons: Part 09: 821-828: Romuva Raiders

Changing religions as unreformed pagan is normally super easy - you just need to take concubine of target religion, press button done. Even if nobody agreed, just raid to capture yourself one, done.

Except I can't mod male concubines into the game, and I'm pretty much guaranteed to be married on succession, so I'd need to kill my husband, and marry some nobody to switch. And even then, it's very harder to get anyone to accept matrilineal marriage, while they giveaway their daughters to anyone who asks.

There's also switching to capital's religion, but unless I conquer Constantinople that's a silly idea - all my provinces except Marienburg are awful. Wiki claimed that I can switch to religion of province I'm in, so I could just lead troops somewhere far away, but that's a lie as of current patch, and I doubt it ever worked. (I fixed that, but wikis are full of outdated information)

Another idea would be to educate my heir, but then nobody would vote for an infidel.

AI started sending me missionaries, so there's always that, but so far I've been trading them for gold.

Anyway, I discovered they nerfed tribal to feudal conversion real hard - which I guess is fair as it was way too easy. Nomad culture provinces will fall off on succession (even if they're ruled by well developed tribes), and vassals actually need that castle infrastructure 1 and stone fort to go feudal.

Well, no matter, let's just raid - and thanks to battle captives mod, I discovered a fun new way - just find a random count leading small army (AI often does that for no obivous reason), pounce on them, and try to capture commanders. I got some dukes, counts, and bishops this way - it more than doubles the profit from raiding. And then I hit the jackpot and and captured Byzantine Emperor himself.

This kind of raiding is very easy, as any AI ruler who leads troops has that sword icon on its portrait, which says where he is on mouseover.

By the way, I meant to disable battle captives mod as it's rather excessive, but with so many mods I misclicked in launcher, and only realized it decade into the game.

All that loot went mostly into building up market towns all over the realm. It's a huge difference. Base tribal income (for 4 slot province) is 2.0/year, but wrong culture and religion together reduce it to 0.4/year, which is basically nothing. Level 2 market town adds extra 4.0/year - at cost of 100 gold, so it's an amazing ROI.

Sadly there's basically no way to convert religion with all the penalties I have, and I can convert cultures by settling my tribe, but only in my demesne - I'm not sure if AI ever uses this action. As far as I can tell it just uses build legend.

Karling lost their title to another dynasty by matrilineal marriage, but it's still same family.

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