Prussian Amazons: Part 15: 870-878: Feudal Empress Ziedas

It's time to go feudal! Thanks to all automatically built Jain temples, that increased Jain MA to 99% for a while at least.

As I lost tribal +2 demesne size bonus, I got my awful husband killed, and married a genius Jew for just a bit extra demesne limit.

I started with 202 realm size, 210/year income, 11k demesne levy, and 82 demesne ships.

After going feudal that went up to 326, 700/year income (not counting tributes), 11k total levy, and 122 total ships. Except now they take forever to gather.

I had to go feudal immediately, so I could convert my oversized demesne to castles before giving it away - and then as I tried to make random tribes into my tributaries I discovered that early feudal states are pretty damn weak.

I literally had to hire mercs to deal with OPM Kiev somehow raising 14k troops. And then again for Cheremisa. It's not even tribal troops raised for prestige - it's some kind of bullshit equivalent of defensive holy orders pagans apparently just got.

And all my vassals are now butthurt about levies. Like, what else are vassals for if not providing levies and taxes to me?

I can't even pass any legal reforms as I just crossed 45 year old line.

The realm is about 50% feudal now, but out of 16 nomad culture counties I hold, only 2 managed to convert, so it will be major loss of territory if I die anytime soon.

Elsewhere, Shia Caliph with his regenerating 32k stack abolished Byzantine Empire. That eliminates huge threat, leaving Francia and my vassals as main threats.
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