Prussian Amazons: Part 13: 852-865: Fall of Andalusia and Wales

I checked the files, and Aztecs will lose their 1000 event ship 50 years after arrival (so after 883), at which point more mobile force could presumably harass their divided forces, or if they don't divide, just outsiege them, but that's distant plan.

And Shia Caliphate's event troops indeed reinforce, so I should give them a good beating at some point if Byzantines and Sunni caliph won't.

But let's wait with this global politics and get back to raiding. Well, at least that was the idea - I got attacked my two hosts and two infidel peasant stacks, and they even ended up fighting each other.

Then I decided that maybe I could do some more expanding - I got crown of Finland and cleaned it up 100%, I cleaned up Orkney, got a bit more of Rus, reestablished some wayward tributaries - time kept passing like this.

I got absolute tribal authority, which works differently now. It used to make tribal vassals act like fake feudals (so you could get tiny levies from them), but now it's just opinion penalty with unreformed pagans, so who cares.

And that means I can start revoking council powers without going feudal. So convenient.

By the way a silly thing about tribal vassals - because they are technically allies, if they fight each other and you call them into your war, their internal war ends inconclusively.

Francia got inherited by third dynasty - some Dutch guy with no relations to previous rulers. Karling and de Cornouaille dynasties are both reduced to one woman - quite rare without any involvement by me.

And they attacked sultan of Andalusia and got it abolished, shattering it into far too many independent duchies. So that's one blob down, and easy raiding grounds open.

Then Aztecs declared war on Wales to abolish it instead of conquering. That opened easy way to conquer Orkney and make Scotland my tributary.

King of Bavaria married Aztec princess. Speaking of Bavaria - king's mother was Indian, and he inherited Indian county, and tried to holy war over there.

Byzantines have been beating up Bulgaria, Caliphs have been beating up Byzantines, and now Caliphs are fighting each other.

I hoped that Aztecs would weaken Francia, but they seem to be happy to let each other be.

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