Prussian Amazons: Part 20: 890-893: Baby Empress Grasus

Apparently Milyuns created a mercenary band before inheriting Prussia. The way merc bands work is that you get flat penalty to your base demesne levy, and % of merc band's income. The problem is that size of the band is in no way related to quantity or quality of your troops - so it makes some borderline sense as a count, but it's total insanity as emperor.

My base levy was:
* light infantry - 2100
* pikemen - 315
* archers - 610
* heavy infantry - 2520
* light cavalry - 810

And I lost 30% of each to merc band, which was amazing 289 light infantry, 10 heavy infantry, and 57 archers. So only 18% of the soldiers got there, and it was 18% weakest.

Final levy was about equal to base, as I had on average +30% modifier balancing -30% from merc band. And that -30% is the smallest one, you can ramp up merc band up to -90% and it will still have no relation to your demesne size.

It's a silly system.

By the way my holy order is only so big because my MA is so big, and that's temporary due to so many temples being built.

I captured emperor of Francia in first battle, and then his brother king of Austrasia as well, but I had no intention of letting him get away with it, so I executed them both - one drawn and quartered, the other gored to death by a boar.

I hoped leaving children in charge with heavily depleted levies would destabilize Francia, but no such luck.

The throne was meant to go her youngest daughter Weslikan, but she died of cancer at age of 37, just four months too early.

Instead the throne goes to Weslikan's youngest daughter - 6 year old Grasus. With rather unremarkable 3/3/2/3/1.

It will take a long time before Grasus can take control of the realm - and with 34 claimants, angry Francia, and not enough piety to call the holy order, it might get messy.

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