Uzur of Ili, Emperor of India: Part 9: 797-801: Mandatory succession war

My brother Sevenc immediately started plotting my murder. Then since that didn't work, he tried to murder our brother Kotyan...

All the while getting himself holy warred by Abbasid caliph - fortunately for just one county. It was hopeless, so I didn't even bother helping him. Instead I subjugated Turkestan for third Tengi holy site.

Of course I immediately went bankrupt (got just barely over 0 when I sacked holy site temple) - I think my father had a reserve of about 100 gold, no idea who inherited that, unless of course I forgot to keep reserve for a moment, and that's when death happened. Only 3 of my vassals bothered joinig me, showing how my realm is not doing all that well.

First order of business was subjugation of Turkestan - 2 tribes held by high chief of Turkestan went to new content vassal, so at least I have some support there.

Second order of business was pressing my claim over khanate of Khiva. My brother couldn't really fight as caliph crushed his armies before I even joined - but he did his best by avoiding any battles and making it take forever. To avoid another bankruptcy in this long war, I separated looting group from the actual army, so I could sack everything twice. It was pretty damn effective way to get some money.

Now he's reduced to high chief of Zhetysu and hates me so much I doubt he'll ever help me with anything. I could try throwing him in jail as he keeps plotting against my brother Kotyan. Not sure how much that would help, as I don't really want to execute or banish him (unless really necessary). I could keep him imprisoned for a while until things stabilize a bit more maybe.

I now control 3 Tengri holy sites, so reforming the faith is a realistic option. Unfortunately after losing series of holy wars to Abbasids and Slavic Bohemia subjugating Pannonia with one of our holy sites, our religious authority is not very high at 45 and falling. My piety is also not high enough, at just 409 of 750 needed. Both issues are solvable but not trivially.

To avoid splitting the realm again, it would be sensible to create an imperial title. Right now I control 37/71 counties in Tartaria (as well as 9/90 in Persia), and I'd need 20 more, in addition to big bucket of gold. It's all doable but not trivial, as it would involve a lot of fighting Suomenusko Pagans one county at a time and brutal attrition.

Probably the best thing about it is that fighting them would gain me de jure territory, piety, and Tengri religious authority simultaneously.

Factions keep plotting. The largest is one to lower tribal organization, and I could even agree to that maybe, as I don't really care all that much at the moment - going feudal probably won't happen until next generation or two. The only problem with that is that I wouldn't be able to revoke infidel titles, but that's not a big deal right now.

The next largest faction is independence, and that is actually not a huge problem, as I'd have de jure claims on all of them separately. Some people try to setup factions to but one of my brothers on the throne, but these don't seem to be getting anywhere at least.
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