Prussian Amazons: Part 19: 887-890: Preparing for Monkey Succession

Tanistry is just infuriating, and at this point I was getting essentially random character every time with no obvious connection with my previous rulers, which doesn't feel as fun as characters having meaningful history.

So first, let's try to see if there's any logic to voter choices. If I gave the strongest vassal +100 diplomacy and 100k prestige that was just enough to swing the voters, but anything less wouldn't do. So just giving my desired heir a bit of land and opportunities for prestige farming just won't do much.

So let's go back. History of Prussia is:

* Queen Mila
* Empress Betten - 2nd daughter of Mila
* Empress Gulbis - 1st daughter of Dagonis, 1st daughter of Actune, 5th son of Mila
* Empress Ziedas - 3rd/youngest daughter of Nomedas, 7th son of Mila
* Empress Milyuns - 6th/youngest daughter of Betten

So basically we're leaning towards ultimogeniture anyway. All king-tier titles I hold will be destroyed (except those that I hold temporarily for de jure cleanup reasons).

I'll leave Taurica to my current vassal queen cousin, but it will get destroyed if I ever get it. I destroyed Taurica once before, but I had to allow concentration of power to feudalize it quickly.

Of course that instantly makes all my vassals hate me, so we're back to where we started.

And with vassals hating me my income plummets again, so any idea of harassing Aztecs with the holy order (which was already rather expensive idea) will have to wait. Not like it matters, without their fleets they're not quite as scary.

By the way, fun fact - apparently a lot of monkeys have matrilineal enatic ultimogeniture.

Anyway, I was really old at this point, so I took it slow.

Aztec emperor lost his war, his aunt with 16k event troops (out of initial 30k) took the throne - but he kept his 130k (out of initial 165k). Neither have any event fleets, so her army is in Ireland, and his in Africa.

Francia got inherited from Dutch Catholic (syphilis) by Norse Germanic (died of slow fever), then by French Catholic (suspicious circumstances), then by Frankish Catholic (who went French by decision, then died of cancer), then by a Dutch Catholic who's a possessed lunatic.

And that Dutch lunatic decided to declare holy war on me!

It's 27k on his side vs 12k + 10k holy order + 4k tributaries on mine. Such a hassle at age of 75...

Oh and I've just noticed I'm suffering -40% demesne levy modifier due to maintaining some mercenary band. There were some events, but only I vaguely recall them, and it was definitely setup by AI before Milyuns inherited the throne.
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