Prussian Amazons: Part 29: 960-969: Bedridden Empress

Jains lost all holy sites in India a while back. So the only thing holding the religion together is:
* +20% reformed religion
* +18% temples build
* +101% paragons of enlightenment
* +3% rulers converted
* -9% rulers led astray
* +3% won holy wars
* -9% lost holy wars
* +0% infidel temples looted
* -5% temples looted

Somehow that adds up to 100% MA, but without that ambition Indian religions get and slowly fading bonus from recent feudalization and building spree, net would be 3% not 100%.

I appointed Glitterhoof as my chancellor and sent him to improve relations with the Mongols.

Apparently that did not go well with the Mongols, who attacked me with their 30k ponies, but with just kingdom tier CB, and on Cumania, where I had just 4 counties.

Mongols happily attacked 21k on my 46k across a river, and they almost won that one, but I just barely squeezed the victory, and from that point, their empire was over.

I executed 2 of Mongol clan leaders, but I couldn't capture the khagan, and I didn't feel like chasing him all over the steppes, so I just let him get away with paying me some gold. He soon died of cancer anyway.

Sadly I got horrible case of gout, and became bedridden, with my spymaster holding regency.

I tried experimental treatment after another during long recency, ended up severely injured with disfigured face, gout, stresseed, lunatic, bednridden - which added up to -0.1 health, something I've never seen before.

I thought that would be instant death, but I survived three months on negative health.

Empress Weslikan was succeeded by her younger daugher Grasus II, age 26, with quite respectable 11/12/17/6/11.

During Weslikan's reign two great hordes have been defeated, and realm increased by 120 holdings without expanding its borders, partly due to tribute sent by lesser rulers - that's nearly half of undeveloped land her reign started with.

In spite of this, there are still 7 tribal holdings in the realm.

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