Prussian Amazons: Part 01: 769-774: Queen of Lithuania

Here's a fun idea - enatic tanistry. Starting as high chieftess of Prussia, only women of same dynasty can inherit, vassals vote which one.

Actually I wanted to do mixed gender tanistry, but game engine won't allow that, so let's go all the way. Oh and I'm also using a mod that makes all vassals switch to liege's gender succession laws if they can, so it will be fun. Or at least weird. (Except it seems to not really work all that well so far, and so far all my vassals are agnatic-cognatic tanistry).

I fully expect AI to have no idea whatsoever how to handle this, and a lot of console fixes to be necessary.

Oh by the way I checked if I could make pagan women have male concubines, or multiple husbands, but game engine doesn't seem to support that. There's a "Male Harem" mod that fakes that with minor titles and events, but it changes a ton of files that other mods also change, and I don't feel like fixing all conflicts.

And like 50 minor mods.

Let's start with * *, attractive, strong, gregarious, Midas Touched, 8/9/14/5/7, with +50% fertility bonus, and +2 health bonus, because this start is ridiculously easy to game over to RNG otherwise, and I'd rather add it upfront rather than reload a few times.

First order of business is to imprison and execute that vassal who holds 2/4 of my counties, as apparently I don't yet have technology needed to pass title revocation. Then, get some tributaries to the West, subjugate Lesser Poland, get ambition to become queen of Lithuania, and subjugate my way there. No major blobbing here, just creating nice safe space.

I found 18 year old strong attractive lowborn genius in Kiev, and I wanted to marry him, but he was a spymaster there, so I couldn't get him. Then he got captured by Magyars, and died in prison.

Somehow khagan of the Magyars was willing to marry his son martilineally to me. That won't let my children inherit the horde for all the reasons, but it makes me really powerful.

I got 4 children - 1 attractive girl Mila who's currently my heir, and 3 boys, one of which was son of high chief of Lesser Poland, and is currently ruling there after his father's accident. All of them are legitimized bastards, and my new husband is really unhappy about it.

My vassals are all kinds of cultures and religions instead of being Prussian Romuva, so that needs to be taken care of sometime soon.

I don't see much expanding in the near future. I just don't have CBs except for some tributary CBs on Finnish minors and Francia.

Charlemagne got crowned emperor of Francia, so it won't gavelkind. Other than that, nothing interesting happened abroad.

By the way the key to my strategy of blobbing early was simply inviting highest martial commanders in the world, 26 vs 8 martial is pretty good force multiplier.

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