Prussian Amazons: Part 08: 815-821: Subjugation of the Norse

There aren't that many ways to control vast unreformed pagan territories protected by defensive attrition - like my Scandinavian holdings:

* be unreformed pagan yourself
* replace locals by different kind of pagan, as it only works when top liege religion matches population religion
* have 100+ boats
* military organizaton 4

By the way I'm playing with game rule that defensive attrition only works if you're tribal, it really made no sense to give it to Slavic feudal minors of Balkans, but that's irrelevant here.

So the goal is to integrate Scandinavia into Commonwealth. Useful step would be to check if any of my tributaries on the way there maybe have spare claimants, and if so convert them into vassals - in terms of pure power it's best to have healthy mix of vassals and tributaries, but map looks so ugly this way.

After Ragnar Lodbrok was sacrificed to my ancestors in ceremony by my family member, his much less friendly son took the 7-duchy up there, and I could see no choice but to eliminate their entire family.

I thought after that thier duchies would go to me, but instead they went to some Suomenusko Finnish nobody. When I tried to revoke his titles, he rebelled, but it was much easier this time.

And every one of the counties there was revoked and handed over to some family member - and I kept Upland for myself, so now I had boats to raid Britain!

Now I got rid of all infidel rulers except 3 Slavic high chiefs whose claims I recently pressed, I have max of 87 own boats (no vassal boats while tribal). I even have collection of courtiers of various religions I could marry to convert if anything were to happen to my dearest husband.

Oh and speaking of which, by random event I became my husband's lover. No matter that I have 3 other men as well as my niece-heir as my lovers already.

Bavaria got conquered by claimant and stopped paying me tribute - which is annoying, but I'm too busy to get them back at the moment.

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