Uzur of Ili, Emperor of India: Part 10: 801-806: The Old Gods and The New

It's entirely possible that I might lose a lot of territory to Abbasids - they're a huge blob, with much larger armies than anyone, way better tech than mine, extra bonuses due to 0% decadence thanks to patch rebalance fail, unreasonable levels of realm stability, and free CB on every neighbouring duchy.

They have truce with my brother as he lost one county to them, but not with me. My main protection is AI's opportunism - Abbasids can defeat me, but I can put up a good fight. I'm not sure if I'd even want to, burning all the money and prestige, but they might decide to go after weaker targets elsewhere.

Anyway, let's expand in direction as far away from Abbasids as possible. One of claimants I invited got himself 3rd in line of succession somehow, so I can press his weak claim.

I can also do a bunch of de jure claims and county conquests against neighbouring Suomenusko Pagans.

Expanding towards India as I found out would be a lot harder - Khiva was feudal but barely developed, so it was easy takings, but going further South from there castles are much stronger, levies are much larger, and Indians can hire holy orders already at this date, unlike anyone else as far as I know - Pagans get holy orders when they reform, and Christians/Muslims sometime around times of crusades. Even raiding there was not as easy as I thought from my experience with Khiva.

Anyway, let's get back to the realm. First order of business was rightfully arresting my brother Sevenc to prevent his plotting. Second order of business was some minor warfare:

* pushing claims of Zengi Dulo's for high chiefdom of Bolgar (who eventually lost to revolt, but at that point I don't care, revolt leader is still my vassal)
* my de jure claim on Sharukan against king of Magyars
* my de jure claim on Aqtobe against high chief of Terkestan (subjugation truce lasts much less than regular truce for some reason)
* and county conquest of Fergana held by Muslim duke, so I could give it to my youngest brother who already holds 3 other counties in duchy of Samarkand, so I have one happy vassal more. It would also let my brother create duchy for himself, hopefully.

This time 10/14 vassals dediced to honor their obligations. The realm is not quite where I want it, but it's getting there.

My chancellors did a decent job at keeping factions in check - spymaster by discouraging them from joining facitons (I think you need to check for blackmailable traits first), chancellor by impoving relations, and especially my marshal helping to arrest my brother

My subjugation of Aqtobe failed as he lost holy war at the same time - not even to Abbasids, simultaneous Sunni holy war by duke of Merv - who himself is losing to Zoroastrian uprising - a nice clusterfuck is going on there. Zoroastrians then got attacked by the caliph... Yeah, I wondered what else they were expecting.

That was high chief's only demesne tribe, but somehow instead of usurping title from his 2-tribe vassal, his title got destroyed. Oh well, his vassal would totally accept my overlordship now. Oh and my new vassal, how about you give me one of your counties? You actually would? Well, that's the first time that happens, frankly I did not expect it. Oh well.

I also had to deal with Zoroastrian uprising myself. And then another... Leader of the second one somehow had 300 gold with him - that sounds like Jew money, nobody on the steppes has this kind of gold. But yes, sure, I'll build more hillforts for it.

Time for another set of wars to improve my piety and Tengri religious authority: 2 conquests of Suomenusko tribes, and one on Zoroastrian county not currently holy warred by the caliph. So now everybody except my brother in oubliette will happily join? That's pretty damn good.

Wars against (mostly) the infidels have been going very well, but somehow Gods still hate me - they cursed me with 5 worthless daughters one after another. Will I ever be blessed with a true born son, or will I be forced to leave everything I have to my brothers? It seems I have no choice, but to reform the faith!

Now it's time to finish unification of Tartaria - only 47 of 71 its tribes are under my control, so I'll need at least 10 more to crown myself emperor.

I'm also over my vassal limit - mostly due to rampant gavelkinding among my vassals, which is not something I have much control over. I don't really like this mechanic much.
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