Prussian Amazons: Part 06: 808-810: Queen of Scandinavia

I really wanted empress title, and the question was mostly which empire is going to be easier to create - and Scandinavia looks tempting.

So first I finished my work in the South - Bavaria tried to holy war Pannonia, so I made them both into my tributaries. That doubled tribute I'm getting. Khagan of Magyars had an accident, so I pushed the last horde East of Don, and there was one last county in Poland not part of my realm.

I seduced my niece Gelennis, and tried to make her my heir, but my vassals would have none of it - instead my sister Dagas is getting nearly all the votes. I'm not even sure how I can make them change their minds.

And so I went on to attack 7-duke of Uppland. I won this, but it's awkward to have such enormously powerful vassal of wrong culture and religion under me. And unfortunately as tribal I have no way of asking vassals for ships.

After all that I had 5 possible extra crowns to create - Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Bohemia, and Wallachia - in addition to my 3 of Lithuania, Poland, and Taurica. Not like I have anywhere near enough piety or gold to create them all, and it would be so much trouble with electors choosing different heir everywhere.

I'm still quite far from any emperorship. One duchy is drifting into Lithuania, so I'll be short just one county from creating Wendish Empire, whatever that might be, but I won't have any counties to take unless I go after Francia or my tributaries.

Alternatively I could cancel tributaries in Scandinavia and do a lot of county conquests, and maybe that will add up to something close to the right number? For now I prefer tributaries as they'll be more helpful in inevitable fight against my 7-duke vassal.

I got to military organization 3, so my next ruler might plausibly get level 4 and switch to some reformed faith - more likely it will only be ruler after that, as costs increase very steeply.

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