Prussian Amazons: Part 16: 878-883: Ziedas' Reign of Terror

Horde lands didn't have anywhere near enough castle infrastructure to support upgrading tribes to castles, so I had to piss off all my vassals by going on revocation spree and give it over to a vassal who had upgradeable tribe as top holding.

The trick is that if your capital has stone hillfort, then you can upgrade you whole demesne - even if other counties have nowhere near the necessary tech.

That's -195 for 5 years. That also completely killed my tax base, which is something I didn't really consider, as I'm not used to having a tax base.

Of course count to which I gave 4 counties decided to fuck with me, and moved his capital to another county for no reason - which was the level of annoying I couldn't tolerate so I moved him back with console.

I was more worried about giving too much land to dukes who might decide to hand it down, and then it wouldn't upgrade.

I was just waiting for that vassal butthurt to expire, as I was without significant income or levies until end of 885, when king of Thrace (former Byzantine emperor) declare war on me. He fields 10k troops and is allied with Bavaria for another 7k, as well as two dukes with 4.5k and 1.7k.

In theory I have 12k, but gathering it all would take forever.

Then again, here's a fun fact - Jains have 11k holy order.

At this stage I'm at about 80% feudalized, with only 2 provinces that will go to nomads.

I'm also nearly dead, with only symptom treatment's temporary health modifier preventing me from dying, and with heir who's even older than me.
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