Prussian Amazons: Part 23: 908-920: Short Reign of Empress Grasus

I was interested in how well we're catching up, and top 10 biggest realms (by province counts) and their techs are:

* 33.33 Thrace (25 counties)
* 31.51 Shia Caliphate (43 counties)
* 29.70 Sunni Caliphate (140 counties)
* 26.93 Kosala (30 counties)
* 26.48 Francia (134 counties)
* 25.89 Bavaria (29 counties)
* 25.72 Maharastra (47 counties)
* 25.36 Lombardy (42 counties)
* 21.87 Aztec Empire (52 counties)
* 18.16 Prussia (178 counties)

Of course my capital at 47 is way ahead of second highest Constantinople at 41 - but as long as I intentionally sandbag one tech (religious customs or church infrastructure are easiest choices) I can still spy and get tech events.

We're also far behind in infrastructure. Of 178 counties 30 are still tribal - and I'll probably get more in the de jure cleanup.

I had one more unfinished business - my distant cousin Gerkus ruled over a quarter of my realm as queen of Taurica, and that was simply unacceptable.

My husband inherited Scotland, but he had 4 children from his previous marriages, and only one died naturally, so I needed to sort that out. Sadly I was found out, so te now hates me, and that means seduction focus.

And who do I want as my lover? Glitterhoof!

Aztecs (145k) finally decided to fight Francia (34k) joined by Lombardy (16k) over Brittany.

They didn't have fleets, so they walked there from Africa over Gibraltar bridge and got into some epic battles. It was much more fun to watch than my fight with Bavaria, so I turned off fog of war for the show.

Aztecs got reduced from 130k to 115k event troops, sadly emperor of Francia got captured too quickly.

I tried to provoke Aztecs into sending some of their event troops by raiding their holdings in Britain and Brittany, but they didn't take the bait.

And soon after, at age of 33, empress Grasus died of simultaneous great pox, cancer, lunacy, and malaise. Succeeded by her youngest daughter Dagas, who already has great pox, so it's not clear how long she has in this world.
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