Prussian Amazons: Part 10: 828-833: Jains and Aztecs

I got a few random events that got me to -250 gold - the nicest one was event that gave my capital extra slot (got it second time already) for some gold, and other two gave it tech and levy for a price.

That reminded me that I need a war chest - and I still wanted to build market towns everywhere. So more raiding it is! I captured sultan of Africa, but mostly it was uneventful.

My husband was cheating on me with his vassals (I really like my mod that makes "lustful" work as "bisexual"). I was so tempted to get him killed for it, but he managed to die natural death at age of 52 anyway.

Well now that I'm 52, so I won't have any more children, but I should consider remarrying anyway. Before I could consider remarriage, I got pneumonia, and treatment turned me into a lunatic.

Well, what would be a crazy thing to do? How about marrying an attractive 25 year old 5/14/20/13/11 Jain and switching to his religion? It's a rather useless religion with authority in its mid-40%, but we'll try to make it work.

And now the Aztecs are coming - with far bigger horde than the Welsh. Hopefully they'll focus on Francia, Andalusia, Wales, and Lombardy, and leave us alone. By the way I feel their troop numbers should scale with year, but they probably forgot to do that.

Oh and Lombardy went Cathar and took over all the pope's land, so Catholicism doesn't look so hot right now.

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