Prussian Amazons: Part 30: 969-978: Empress Grasus II

Reign of empress Grasus II means a small change of previous policy. Not any crazy expansion, but there's a few de jure claims that we need to clean up. Basically we attack the Mongols for one county, and Hungarian leftovers for another.

As usual, it took whole decade to clean up tributaries, and I'm not even trying Francia.

Granada horde got attacked by Francia, and whoever wins, I doubt they'll have any event troops left over for expanding.

Aztecs got inherited by a Catholic, and they keep falling apart one independence revolt after another, but quite a few of those minors and their vassals arce still Aztec.

Mongols don't seem to be terribly interested in attacking either me or the caliphs with what they've got left. I vaguely recall that there used to be a few waves of Mongols, but with random hordes who knows how that would even work.

Ecumenical Patriarch became unlanded, as queen of Thrace decided to take his stuff, but then he magically got it back, presumably via some decision/event - I feel like this de jure CB should be blocked if they're same religion (same with pope), or this kind of silliness happens.

Overall the world seems fairly static, but maybe I just play so damn slow with all these tributary wars and city spamming.

Crusade timer resets in 980, so we'll see where they'll go next. Hopefully Jerusalem.

I'd like to crush Francia somehow, but I'm not entirely sure how.

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