Prussian Amazons: Part 28: 954-960: The Mongol Problem

And here we arrive at really annoying problem:

* there's game rule for spawning various hordes, but they do not scale with time, so Mongols arrive ready to wreck empires 300 years ahead of time
* game also has "random delayed" setting which makes them not spawn before year 1000, but they still don't scale
* since Horse Lords patch nomad armies became retarded overpowered, 100k Aztecs is nothing close to 100k ponies; those ridiculous numbers were chosen before nomad buffs, now they're completely ridiculous
* ponies not only crush infantry, they take basically zero losses - this means tributaries are worthless as a speedbump, even if they throw 10k+ into a single battle
* apparently in some recent change ponies can even assault castles with basically zero losses
* that on top of the usual doomstacks that suffer zero attrition problem
* unlike Aztecs who get at most kingdom level CBs, Mongols have CBs on your whole country
* warscore system in CK2 is total crap, and there's zero scaling with country size - so you can 100% a country of 200 counties by sieging about 6 of them. Now I can appreciate that I don't need to carpet siege everything, but this lack of scaling is total nonsense.
* At least warscore from occupations is capped at +100% so winning a battle or two can delay things for a while, but then my tributaries will get into a losing battle, making it all for naught

For the future, I'd basically need to disable them, or mod them to be more reasonable (like by making them suffer half attrition). For now I just deleted most of Mongol event troops so they match everybody else better, leaving them with just 30k (which is like 60k-100k normal troops by current rules).

Mongols even with scaled down event troops keep expanding, so they'll probably get into conflict with me eventually.

Sunni Umayyad duke of Toledo got 30k event troops in regular feudal proportions, which way far more reasonable. He got himself a few more duchies, switched primary to Granada, sadly also removing Jains I once got to rule a bit of Spain. Unless that happened earlier and I didn't notice. Oh well.

Francia managed to take Brittany from much weakened Aztecs.

I suspect Aztecs will run into jihads for Africa when those start in 1000, unless crusade for Jerusalem around 980 triggers, and Christians and Muslims start fighting over that instead, leaving Aztecs alone. But they got established well enough that I doubt very much Europeans will ever drive them into the sea.

I built a bunch of hospitals, but mostly I've been spending all money on filling empty holdings.

I'm not building any markets, shipyards, universities etc. any more, as apparently mayors will build those on their own just fine given time.

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