Prussian Amazons: Part 27: 947-954: The Great Aztec War

I had very simple plan, as 4th empress in line to try this - use my tributary swarm to attack Aztecs and destroy their event troops.

I wanted to wait a bit first, as Francia had only 16k levies left, and my other tributaries weren't in their best state either. Of course Aztecs noticed that too, and invaded Francia right away!

That's awkward timing, but then again, the whole goal is to make Aztecs burn their troops fighting Francia. Aztecs bled down to 85k event troops.

OK, now let them recover a bit... And fall of Paris triggers crusades, with immediate crusade for France being called. 4 Catholic holy orders got started.

OK, fuck it, we're moving in! I got holy order, and doomstack of 37k on 400 ships. Of course Aztecs did the obvious thing and tried to fight me in Britain instead of fighting crusaders.

Crusade was successful - message said Lombardy got it, but actually Francia did, even though Francia had an antipope. Except for two holdings my tributaries got.

Strangely after I cleaned up Brittany of Aztec troops, and crusade destroyed all in Francia there were still 60k event troops unaccounted for. Imagine if they actually had fleets to transport them.

It took a lot of fighting, as Aztec heavy infantry even when defeated took relatively low losses and just shattered from Brittany to Spain or Burgundy, and I couldn't follow because my troops aren't attrition proof - but in the end their event troops got nearly completely crushed.

Meanwhile, Mongol Empire now borders me, mostly due to weirdly shaped de jure kingdoms in steppes. Still, it's a big oops.

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