Uzur of Ili, Emperor of India: Part 8: 797: Brothers

First, let's introduce the new Khan of Cumania: Uzur is 23 old, child of Panjabi Buddhist concubine Bhani (which is not quite as bad as being a legitimized bastard, but not perfect), 4th of 11 children of his father with various women. He's brilliant strategist, just, and zealous. He's also deceitful, shy, and greedy.

* diplomacy 0
* martial 20
* stewardship 7
* intrigue 12
* learning 5

His strongest vassal is his older half-brother and chosen successor Kotyan, high chief of Itil. His vassals are generally not overly enthusiastic about him.

Meanwhile Sevenc, Khan of Khiva, at age of 22, is son of his father's legitimate wife Ipek, and 7th of the children. He had a twin sistem, but she died of poor health during her second pregnancy.

He's attractive (out of nowhere, his father was strong, and his mother was a genius)
, skilled tactician, brave, and gregarious. He's also greedy, envious, and arbitrary.

* diplomacy 5
* martial 12
* stewardship 3
* intrigue 6
* learning 5

The already mentioned Kotyan, high chief of Itil, was son of another concubine - Pecheneg Manichean Ilkay, 2nd of his father's children and oldest son. He's skilled tactician, humble, and charitable. He's also gluttonous, depressed, and cynical.

* diplomacy 7
* martial 14
* stewardship 2
* intrigue 8
* learning 7

Election was fairly close between Uzur and Kotyan, with few people supporting Sevenc.

The first order of business was finding wife - and the most eligible woman was Muslim 16 year old genius in nearby Merv. Unfortunately her liege was zealous, and there was no way to convince him. I'm tempted to sack this place to take her as my concubine at least.

So as next best thing Khan married Lyukha, Tengri Khazar lowborn 18-year old, who's ambitious, diligent, trusting, and midas touched, with very good stats of 12/6/21/6/5, and hopefully highly fertile hips.

I also got some concubines to spread my dynasty further.

What's going to happen to the brothers? You'll see in the next episode.
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