Prussian Amazons: Part 05: 801-808: Queen Betten's Consolidation of Power

Strong 22 year old 9/22/14/20/11 inheriting 80% of the realm is just an amazing start. My brothers don't love me all that much (due to some assassinations), and I'm currently on scholarship focus so can't seduce everyone for better relationships, but it's really easy.

I fixed pragmatists to not be bothered about multiple wars, stacked my council reasonably well - and they wouldn't let me attack my sister because "my family member would lose a title". But if I pressed anybody else's claim not mine, it would count as "my family member would lose a title". For fuck's sake, I'm also your family member. Did anybody ever test this DLC?

Well, at least I could reestablish the tributaries. And then with more shenanigans I managed to convince my council to let me attack my sister, I pushed claimants to Moldau and Bohemia, pushed hordes beyond Don (except for one county).

Before peace returns to the realm, that still leaves me with my subjugation CB. Sensible targets are really mostly Norse blob in Uppland, or my former tributary Pannonia. Well, I guess I could have gotten Bulgaria, but I have a truce with them.

Either way I'm still 3 counties away from emperorship. If I had too much free gold, I could create two more kingdom titles (Bohemia and Wallachia), but I need to spend all the gold I have on civilizing former horde lands.

I don't want to go feudal or change religion just yet, as I'm still at military organization 2, and without military organization 4 or a lot of boats it's miserable to deal with pagans. I could still do it if situation forced me to.

I'm not even sure which religion to choose - reforming Romuva or going Catholic are the most obvious choices. Trying to reform Norse or going Orthodox are more exotic possibilities - and these require specific subjugation direction.

Other than these, I don't think other options would make much sense for me.

Welsh blob got second crown in Scotland, but then it gavelkinded and local faction returned Scottish crown to the locals. I wonder where the next random horde will emerge.
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