Prussian Amazons: Part 14: 865-870: Last days of empress Gulbis

Jain religion is actually pretty sweet:

* +3 demesne limit, which is largest bonus any religion gets
* +15 vassal opinion (used to be +30 before great opinion nerf)
* choice of sect with +1 health or +5 extra vassal opinion
* no short reign penalty (which will be good if my vassals keep voting for old women, and Reapers Due will keep killing them early)
* and heir designation (which we can't use under tanistry)

Downsides are bad CBs, mediocre moral authority (especially if you play outside India, but generally religions without heads have worse MA), conversion penalties, and much fewer events than other religions. Overall, better than expected choice.

I have huge problem keeping my vassals voting for same person - or influencing them in any way.

Republican elections were the only ones that made any sense with modifiers displayed clearly. For tanistry (or elective), I have no idea how any why voters choose a specific heir.

I even wondered about going republic, but that seems hardcoded to agnatic and completely bugs out if I try to become a republic as a woman.

Well, at some point maybe I could consider abandoning enatic tanistry, but for now I can destroy kingdom titles instead. (except 1-2 duchy ones my vassals will be able to recreate anyway) as soon as I 100% them into the empire. Kingdoms will make sense to recreate once I get kingdom viceroyalties, but that's quite a bit away.

And even then, I was forced to vote for my rival Ziedas to avoid splitting the realm.

By the way this is presumably a bug, as when I abandon a tributary, it loses 200 prestige - I assume I'm the one supposed to lose it, otherwise it's almost exploit tier of milking every counts for 200 prestige once a year.

I did some raiding with two separate fleets, which require a lot of micro to avoid getting caught, but is very profitable.

And then at age of 55, empress Gulbis died, succeded by her rival and distant cousin Ziedas, 13/7/6/6/12 "why would anybody vote for me".

Somehow Ziedas had seduction focus and attractive and yet couldn't get any children except for one bastard. But we'll fix it soon enough.


* caliph have been attacking each other over and over, Shia caliph winning every time, as stack of regenerating event troops bigger than anybody can legitimately yield is a bit OP
* Bavaria and Lombardy are fighting some de jure wars
* Peasants are successfully taking over OPM papacy - but presumably since they're Catholic, they'll return it to pope by decision right after they win
* Jain religion has been spreading much faster than I expected

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