Arslan of Ili, Emperor of India: Part 7: 790-797: Long live the new Khan

I continued expanding and looting South. I brought home enough gold that I started funding market villages and earth hillforts in demesne of my sons as well - I could rush to make my demesne feudal while the rest of my realm was tribal, but that would probably lead to a disaster, I'd much prefer if at least half of Cumania went feudal together (probably the Eastern half).

While I was at it, I also got a de jure Cumanian tribe from king of the Magyars, who got beaten pretty hard by just about everybody by that point.

A lot of small things went on:
* one of my sons created feudal duchy of Khiva (those feudals have so much money even without raiding, it's ridiculous)
* one of my daughters died - she bore a son before that, and he's an heir to current ruler - unfortunately that was not matrilinear marriage, probably due to misclick, oh well
* one of my grandsons was assassinated
* I revoked a few more foreign multichiefs, giving the lands to my relatives or keeping them for myself
* Abbasids tried to holy warred last Zunist duchy, who decided to change religion to keep it
* Bohemia is in process of subjugating Pannonia, which is pretty bad, as that's one of Tengri holy sites gone
* I continued building market villages and earth hillforts, I even started building the first wooden hillfort in the realm
* I took a lover and had bastard daughter - apparently wife and 3 concubines was not enough. Unfortunately I wasn't asked to legitimize her (unless I missed that somehow).

And then at young age of 44, after ruling for 28 successful years, Khan Arslan of Ili died, splitting his realms in inheritance clusterfuck:

* oldest son Kotyan got high chiefdom of Itil, and chiefdom of Itil in it
* second son (and most popular heir) Uzur got Khanate of Cumania, and 3 of father's chiefdoms
* third son Sevenc got ancestral lands in high chiefdom of Zhetysu, and newly created khanate of Khiva with all feudal holdings in it as vassals. Khanate itself is still tribal.
* fourth son Itkuk and fifth son Aepak got nothing, possibly because they're feudal

The weirdest part was that Sevenc, who originally held 3 counties lost them all to Uzur, getting 4 father's counties instead... Is the next patch going to finally fix gavelkind succession?

Anyway, the plan is straightforward:
* make sure the realm doesn't collapse right away
* deal with my brother (shouldn't be too hard, as tribal rulers over feudal vassals act as if they had autonomous vassal law)
* subjugate Turkestan or Khazaria to reform Tengri faith
* become emperor of Tartaria

All that while continuing to expand towards India and reforming my realm along feudal lines.

It's a good thing I spread market villages and hillforts, instead of building them all in my demesne - otherwise my brother would have them all, and that would not be good.
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