Prussian Amazons: Part 03: 791-800: Triple Queen

I snatched a bit more land from hordes, got second title as Queen of Taurica, and even got tribute from some Balkan minors.

Then I did some shenanigans with recently implemented "release tributary" function (which is supposed to cost me 200 prestige, but that doesn't seem to), claimants, assassins, and de jure claims to get third title as Queen of Poland.

At this point I reached age of 45, with only one more son, and two sons already dead. And now all the easy life of my vassals all desiring me is over.

Now there was a major bug - I got into war with Bohemia, he got my daughter somehow (presumably she was dumb enough to lead troops) for -50% warscore, I got him for +100% warscore, and he was released in peace deal, but she wasn't. Well, nothing console can't fix.

I'm not going to reach Wendish Empire this lifetime - I have 33 and I need 38/47 counties, so it seems close, but 3 are owned by Karlings, and the rest don't have good claimants.


* Wales basically ran out of event troops, but it got half of Britain by that time.
* Vikings are raiding Western Europe, but they don't bother us, as we're too poor anyway
* my tributary Moravia subjugated whole Pannonia from Avars

Right now it seems that my daughters Mila and Betten will divide my kingdoms between each other, so I'm getting gavelkind if I want it or not.

I've been investing all my gold and prestige into upgrading my lands, so I don't have any reserve for doing fun things like making Karlings my tributaries.

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