Prussian Amazons: Part 25: 932-938: Even shorter reign of Betten II

I had to burn 1000 gold to divorce my husband - I thought it would go to him, but apparently it's just burned in fancy divorce ceremony. I married 15/6/20/16/32 genius instead.

By the way I absolutely hate how many costs scale with income - features like diwali festival, fabricating claims etc. are competely worthless to me because I'd be baying so much I might as well build a city or three for the price.

I also got a bunch of skill points from Personal Castle mod - unlike with republic's holdings, these apply by event. So Betten was soon 8/5/10/9/11 - nothing impressive, but not the worst ever.

Also, apparently there are two "Court Physician" positions - I assume the other one is from Personal Castle mod. So that's presumably why I couldn't get treatment even thought I had one.

I wanted to get tributaries as soon as possible, so I declared all possible wars on my former tributaries same day (except Bavaria and Thrace, which got into second batch), and I had to tweak UI so they'd even be displayable.

Bavaria decided to take their lapse in tribute and holy warred me for Bohemia. Come on, I'm way too big for that silliness - I didn't even bother with holy order for them, and I counter-attacked them same day their war failed.

It was a rush to get things done as fast as possible... and then I died at age of 21 after just 5 years of rule, in raging camp fever epidemic, which apparently didn't care about hospital in the capital. I had camp fever, but death was in childbirth to my 3rd son (2nd and 3rd were secret bastards).

Betten was succeded by Weslikan, age 26. Hopefully she'll have more luck.

So far the rulers had:

* Mila - 32 years - failed chess match with Death at 48
* Betten I - 41 years - cancer at 64
* Gulbis - 28 years - natural death at 55
* Ziedas - 15 years - syphilis (and also great pox) at 51
* Milyuns - 8 years - natural death at 79
* Grasus - 27 years - cancer (and also great pox) at 34
* Dagas - 12 years - great pox at 13
* Betten II - 5 years - childburth (and also camp fever) at 21

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