Prussian Amazons: Part 26: 938-947: Empress Weslikan

Well, one more try. Empress Weslikan, age 26. You'd think tributaries would keep paying to 3rd sister in a row, but no.

I started 38 wars same day - all my previous tributaries except Thrace.

As camp fever still raged around my demesne, I invested even more money into the hospital and shut the gates. And of course that did shit, and I got sick right away.

Seriously - every time they make new DLC they ramp it to ridiculous levels, and then tone it down later. It happened to Republics, to Norse, to Way of Seduction, to Conclave, now this. They all started crazy overpowered.

I was winding the wars down, 30 of 38 completed, when Francia attacked me with holy war CB. Together with mercs, army of Francia grew to 49k against mine 23k + 11k holy order.

After I managed to crush Francia, I counter-attacked. At age of 35 I managed to rule over most grand empire of all times.

Aztec horde got reduced to 99k event troops, as well as over 20k regular troops and sizable vassal fleet. That fleet bothers me a lot, as I waited too long (partly due to early deaths), and it would have been far easier if they didn't have any.

And before I could even try my designs against Aztecs, the horde of Mongol Empire (not to be confused with Mongolia) arrived from the East, with 112k troops (only 96k remaining).

I assume they're burning through them so much faster because cavalry is much worse at assaulting than heavy infantry, and AI loves assaulting (as do I, just not with irreplaceable event troops).
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