Prussian Amazons: Part 04: 800-801: Queens Betten and Mila

I got visited by Death, who offered to play chess for my life, saving game first just to explore event chain. I expected it to be 50%:50% on neutral, and then modified based on traits and skills, but just no fucking way - it's extremely rigged against you (like 90% against if you have no traits), and I wasn't sure it's even possible, so I cheated back by reading event chain and reloading like ten times, even thought I got one bonus event as seductress.

But let's go back to first save. Queen Mila died playing chess with Death, her realms were divided between:

* Betten - strong 22 year old, 9/22/14/20/11, secretly daughter of high chief of Silesia, but nobody has any idea
* Mila - attractive 29 year old, 17/6/5/4/7, legitimized bastard daughter of Jewish lover Giat
* two counties recently taken from hordes reverted back (they neighbour two hordes, and it seems random which one they join, but both join the same one)

Let's roll 50:50... and it's Betten. Which is good, because she's omg so amazing, and in much better position.

I don't really have to reunify the realm right away, as tanistry ought to make us each other's heirs, but come on, we need empress title here, and there's no empire realistically available without both sides. I guess I could create custom empire, but they were bugged as hell last time I checked, and not sure if new patch fixed that.

Well, first order of business is as usual, get loyalist council (so I can DoW whomever I want) and reestablish swarm of tributaries (now harder because council gets to vote on wars).

And the game obviously reminded me what I can't just declare multiple wars, as glory hounds think my enemies are too weak, and pragmatists think fighting multiple minors is too dangerous somehow.

Actually screw that, I'll just fix pragmatists, then continue. So now they're only bothered by defensive wars. Which might still be too much, as random peasant rebellion will trigger that, so maybe I'll revisit that logic.

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