Prussian Amazons: Part 22: 900-908: Prussian-Scottish Wedding

So it turns out Jains not only lose access to holy wars, they also lose access to liberate duchy CB on nomads. That's quite annoying, as there's no way to just find claimant to a pasture, and I pondered reaching India via steppes.

Actually, here's an idea - with horse chancellor, I should be able to fabricate on any pasture I want with very high chance. Right? I totally need to mod that in.

I used my tributary swarm to increase size of my tributary swarm. In the end my income breakdown ended up as:

* 215 demesne
* 420 feudal tax
* 170 city tax
* 80 church tax
* 10 tribal tax
* 305 tributaries

But that took forever.

When I came of age, I ended up as less than amazing, 13/5/7/6/7 gregarious patient dull lustful trusting charismatic negotiator.

I invited heirs to Catholic Scotland/England and Sunni Portugal, got them to convert to Jain, then got wife of Scottish heir killed and married him matrilineally.

Sadly Scotland/England will gavelkind so my husband will only get one at best, and Ireland/Wales are still infested by Aztecs, but all of that can be fixed in due time.

I got Portugal to go Jain with no military or spy intervention, so I started inviting random duchy heirs too.

Setting up tributary swarm took a long while, but I'm only 21, so it could work for very long time.

I'm building up my realm, but apparently so is Francia - they're 32k to 15k troops now.

A small risk I face in that every succession tanistry kingdom of Taurica gets bigger as a different duchess inherits it - and now they made it gavelkind so I can't even get it. I should probably just revoke it before anything worse happens.
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