Prussian Amazons: Part 17: 883-884: Defense of Prussia

Well, I guess you thank you Shia Caliph and your regenerating 32k stack for wrecking Byzantine Empire so hard, or otherwise I'd face twice as many enemies.

And I completely forgot than Indian religions each start with holy order unlocked - which is honestly ridiculous as nobody else does. Oh wait, every pagan OPM has infinite holy orders decision, so the only religion without holy orders is the one which historically was the only one with holy orders.

Sadly epidemic of syphilis erupted in the middle of that defense, and empire was inherited my Milyuns the Just, 69 year old 8/12/10/14/8 brave just drunkard, so with traits like that it makes some sense they'd vote for her.

Sadly she inherited -97 opinion of predecessor for a year.

Now since Milyuns is not zealous, I could convert to Orthodox, but there's 200 piety, 100 prestige, 1386 gold, 3% moral authority, and hostages on the offer, so it would be a bit silly.

At her age, and with syphilis still raging (also her seduction focus, pretty bad idea at her age during syphilis epidemic), there's no time to reestablish tributaries.

Meanwhile - minor duke of Slavonia managed to abolish Pannonia.

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