Prussian Amazons: Part 12: 842-852: Empress Gulbis and Consolidation

I got pretty close to covering my realm with market towns, so going feudal might be in order, even if some horde territory will be lost, but I'd much prefer to do so as ruler without cancer.

Well, I eventually got cured of cancer, but it cost me a hand.

But first order of business was of course reestablishing all the tributaries - and pressing a few claims like Estonia (claimant), Karelia (claimant), Mecklenburg (de jure), West bits of Norway (de jure), and random de jure counties in Ruthenia.

I'm currently being attacked by my distant bastard cousin, but she's coming from India with very few troops, so it will take a while.

Oh and I got military organization 4 - which actually doesn't matter terribly much, as there are no significant pagans remaining near me. Pannonia went Catholic, Bulgaria is nearly eaten by Byzantines, far North minors are really of little significance and I have boats to work around attrition. So overall it's going quite well.

Maybe it's good time to go feudal now after all?

Meanwhile elsewhere:

Shia Caliph got into fight with Byzantines, and won, and it seems that his event troops regenerate or he's getting new ones, as he's still at 32k.


Canaries horde completely lost, after decent performance by Wales I had much higher hopes.

Aztecs got tired of expanding, and did nothing last decade. If I had 300+ boats I'd seriously consider just attacking them to make them lose event troops in silly chase across Europe, but I don't have enough boats.

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