Uzur of Ili, Emperor of India: Part 12: 806-810: Wars of Religion

Reformation went relatively smoothly, but not perfectly - 2 chiefs refused to convert, and one of them even refused revocation and rebelled.

There was also rebellion against Khan of the Khazars, and rebel leader was Old Tengri, so that was a good opportunity to enforce my claim to Khazar lands.

My brother Sevenc, such fool, he got killed while trying to escape prison. And I was just about to show brotherly mercy and release him, the papers were literally on the way... Oh well, at least his son loves me, and I gave him lands of rebellious Old Tengri chiefs to let him get over his father's death faster.

There was Old Tengri uprising, and Buddhist uprising simultaneously, neither of them had even one shekel of Jew gold, so who the hell pays them to rebel against a just and merciful ruler like me? I charged in first line of battle and became wroth because of them. And then there was another Old Tengri uprising, and another Buddhist uprising... Unfairness of it all made me lose my faith in justice. I have literally 1 Buddhist county in my whole realm, and it got "Religious Unrest" +50% revolt risk/year modifier. What the hell game?

I had to increase feudal taxes to fund development of Cumania - I'm now getting about 35-40 gold annually in taxes. That's still not much as I need tens of thousands, but it's better than nothing.

Oh and somehow that one count rebellion got king level temporary title, and as far as vassals know it was a major rebellion I crushed... Apparently it grows with every retelling on a drunken feast, and who am I to correct the bards?

Sadly I also ran into bullshit "vassal limit", so now I have 12.9% penalty to my vassal income. I guess it's time to create imperial title. Those 4 tribes in Azov were extremely helpful, now I'll just need a few in the North.

Or I could go all in and holy war Byzantines, who also took advantage of Khazaria's troubles and put Greek Orthodox bishop in charge of Tengri holy site... They're a lot stronger than me in theory, but is this also true in practice? Especially if anything were to happen to Byzantine empress, and there was civil war there...

I even got my sister married to Ailbert Karling, heir to empire of Francia. Really more because I had nothing better to do with her, but maybe we could crush Byzantines together?

The Saoshyant plan looks a lot worse now that I took a closer look - Abbasids were very effective at converting Persians to Sunni faith. I could of course take over Persian lands, but there would be no benefit in going Zoroastrian.

Detailed maps of possible war zones and of religious situation below (apparently Google+ doesn't handle 5 screenshots on one post too well...).
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