Uzur of Ili, Emperor of India: Part 14: 810-818

Game updated from to 2.2.1.

I couldn't really afford any major fighting, so all I did was 3 Indian counties, 1 Suomenusko tribe, some rebel fighting, and some raiding. Caliph declared holy war on me, which I couldn't realistically fight, so I just surrendered one tribal chiefdom to him. Losing one county for 10 year truce is not too terrible - I thought Caliph would holy war for Khiva instead, and that would screw me a lot worse.

At least every now and then random vassal chief would go Old Tengri, which would mean I could give his territory to one of my nephews.

Without major source of gold holding upgrades were really slow, and I've spent a lot of money creating high chiefdoms to work around damn vassal limit instead of doing upgrades.

But then wonderful opportunity happened - my claimant to high chiefdom of Alania got high enough in inheritance chain that I could press his claim. This is really useful, as that plus some holy wars against Suomenusko chiefs (not easy by any means, mostly due to brutal attrition).

And of course in the middle of that war I got ill, then I got pneumonic, and then I died an ace of 45, with the realm being divided between:

* Khan Ituk of Cumania (49 holdings) - younger brother of Uzur
* Khan Bonek of Khiva (37 holdings) - 4 year old son of Uzur
* Khan Tolun of newly created Volga Bulgaria (16 holdings) - 11 year old son of Uzur

Borders are horrible mess - lands in de jure Turkestan and Alania got divided between Cumania and Volga Bulgaria in a messy way, Ituk's original holdings in duchy of Khiva got given away to Bonek...

As if mid-war 3-way succession wasn't bad enough, Caliph declared invasion of Armenia on Byzantine Empress while she's at war with king of Lombardy as well. It's a pretty safe bet that Caliph will crush her, and be even more unstoppable than he already is. It's totally fair when I exploit game mechanics to blob, not when AI does it.

Anyway, let's introduce Khan Ituk. He's 31, son of Khan Arslan and Rajput Hindu concubine Kanchuka (the gluttonous attractive one).

He's Mastermind Theologian, which is definitely super useful for Khan of steppe tribes, and zealous mystic on top of that. He's honest, brave, temperate, and humble - all admirable traits for civilized ruler like duke of Khiva he used to be.

Other than intrigue, his stats are not too awful:

* diplomacy 8
* martial 13
* stewardship 11
* intrigue 2
* learning 12

His biggest downside is his zealotry - just like his brother. He won't have fun possibilities like:

* changing his religion to Sunni to avoid losing his lands to the Caliph
* going Buddhist and expanding to India
* going Slavic or Suomenusko and moving from Tartaria to Russia
* going Norse and finally making enough money from raidings to afford development of Cumania
* invading Greece, going Orthodox, and crowning himself Byzantine Emperor
* invading Persia, going Zoroastrian, and becoming Saoshyant

None of these are particularly amazing ideas, but I'm not taking advantage of invasion CB anyway, and Tengri doesn't have much special content other than that, so maybe it's time to consider alternatives?

Right now it seems that victory over Khazar Khan, subjugating my nephews, and finally some holy wars against Suomenusko chiefs will be enough to crown myself emperor of Tartaria if everything goes well.

Most holdings in the realm have at least earth hillfort (level 1), and a lot have wooden hillfort (level 2). There aren't any reinforced (level 3) or stone hillforts (level 4) yet, but it seems going feudal by year 900 is plausible, not by original pessimistic prediction of year over 9000.

As another unfortunate consequence of Uzur's untimely demise, Caliph no longer has truce with any of Uzur's successors.
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