Prussian Amazons: Part 11: 833-842: Last days of empress Betten

I needed to get some conversions done, and that required increasing religious authority. And there's an easy way - looting churches. Mostly with that, I managed to get it to 62%.

And amazingly Lombardy gfot inherited from Cathar father to Catholic son, who released pope with one county - which means really easy loot. Except for some reason castle became Rome's top building and pope hired mercs who spawned in another province, so I left to loot elsewhere.

My husband died, so I invited some attractive Sunni, got him converted, made sure his wife had accident, and married him.

Before Aztecs arrived chief of Canary islands got 11k event troops. He seemed to be interested in just raiding Constantinople, wasting troops getting caught multiple times, he got a total of 1 more county. Such a waste of good horde.

Aztecs arrived with 165k event troops - this should scale to era. Right now caliphate has 31k, so maybe if Aztecs had 40k it would be reasonable. They invaded Mauretania and Ireland.

Amazingly Shia caliph spawned with 53k troops. Usually he had far less than his target so lost every time, but maybe they changed it.

And my niece decided to declare host war on Poland with her 7k.

Right, I have no time for that, I need to fight the Aztecs! What do you meant it's lunacy? Well, "fighting" might be a big word, but looting their capital in their first year sends the right message.

Some Norse host with 30k decided to attack the Aztecs. He died, but cost Aztecs about 7k in event troops.

My hunting dog died, and I built a pyramid for it for 200 gold. It gives -5% revolt risk in my capital.

I got cancer. My doctor removed my eye as a treatment, which didn't make it any better.

I was succeeded by my niece and daughter-in-law 27 year old 11/11/9/9/10 Gulbis. Who's already possessed cannibal and with cancer, so I have my doubts as for longevity of this succession.

I lost kingdom of Taurica to a kinswoman, and two family members created thrones of Wallachia and Bohemia.

Annoyingly Gulbis is in regular marriage, so I can't even arrange any mallianges, but that's console command away from being fixed.

The hordes have been slowly losing the troops:

* Aztecs - 165k to 143k
* Shia caliph - 53k to 32k
* Canaries - 11k to 5k
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