Arslan of Ili, Emperor of India: Part 6: 785-790: Looting my way to India

I declared invasion of Khiva - and got bankrupt in the process before even the first battle, but never mind, nobody except double chief of Samarkand joined against me, and I got over 200 gold from it.

During the war my concubines bore me 2 sons (as well as 1 daughter - there's more twins out there that I'd expect), and the 2 infant sons as well as some patient and lustful 29 old guy betrothed to my 14 year old daughter became my first feudal vassals. That's such a good combination - hopefully he'll be patient enough to wait for the wedding night and not whore on the side, and afterwards make a ton of legitimate babies. (can underage characters become pregnant in CK2? I've seen some screen shots of men becoming pregnant via glitches, but I've never seen this happen myself)

Of course the war was immediately followed by raiding, which funded a series of hillforts and market villages in my demesne. They are admittedly very primitive, but Constantinople wasn't built in one day either. Looters got a bit overenthusiastic and even completely destroyed city of Ishtikhon. That's not too good.

Conquests greatly expanded my territory, as well as expanded raiding potential from 2 to 6 neighbouring counties.

Territory over which I rule currently consists of:

* 31 tribes
* 3 tribal temples
* 6 feudal counties
* 1 barony castle
* 6 temples
* 7 cities

In terms of lands, feudal holdings are a small corner of my realm, but their significance is growing, and southern edges of tribal territory are very slowly becoming more like that.

Since I achieved my main ambition of becoming Khan of Cumania, and I somehow lost my diligence on the way, I decided to focus on improving my abilities - this time it's progressing better - some gardening, some flying contraption, it's getting somewhere.

There's not much choice of next steps - expand towards India for more loot and glory!

As long as Abbasid caliphate stands strong, there's little chance of successfully invading Persia - at least I can raid them over our small border (having border with strongest country in the world with holy war CBs on you is an unhealthy lifestyle choice). I'm not sure if it will ever fall apart on its own - permanent 0% decadence in this patch turns already overpowered Abbasids into lucky France level monster.

I invited some distant relatives of some former high chiefs within khanate of Khazaria - their claims over these high chiefdoms are currently weak, but if situation changes, they might be of some use. Subjugating khan of Khazaria and high chief of Turkestan would be great achievements, maybe even leading to creation of empire of Tartaria - currently a rather remote dream.
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